Thursday, December 20, 2012

William's December 18th Letter

2012 December 18
We had a great week. We met with several investigators, started teaching a family who is interested in the gospel had good discussion with fellow elders about the many things we can do to help our investigators out this time of year, our investigators have almost all shown progression, except a few whose current circumstance leaves them unable to attended meetings. But it’s so nice to see the spirit of the season in the homes we visit.
I won't stay at the Montgomery’s for Christmas, we both are getting transferred and I am going to Willard Bay which is just south of Brigham City. So back North for a spell, it will be fun. I think I will see who I can go to for Christmas, a lot of the people I know up there have missionaries out so they may be busy talking to them. I need to see what the plan is though because I am transferred I don't know the area very well. But we cans still let you know what is going to happen since I don't have a time or anything yet.
But I love you guys’ lots!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

William's December 11 Letter

2012 December 11
Our week was fantastic.
 We have reserved a lot of referrals, most of which are self-referred others have strong fellowships. We have been working on contacting them. We have had a lot of referrals, our investigators our doing well. They have been getting the assistance they need from the Lord. It is good to see it the spirit of the season is spreading and everyone is cheerful. We had a mission conference the other day and find very good skills and new principles to apply to the work and we have seen them assist, small things that have made a huge difference in the work. It’s so nice to know that Lord is in the middle of the work. I enjoy it.  I love you lots. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

William's December 4 Letter

This week was, very good, we haven't had baptism but a lot of lessons. We are having trouble getting some people committed and a lot of other people aren't able too. But most are excited about the gospel. We have been working really hard. We have been helping a lot with the wards visiting and teaching them. Funny enough not reserved to the Relief Society.
They all seem to enjoy it. We get a lot of referrals thought. Visiting those who are potentially interested, and it’s so much fun helping them. I got to talk to Tyson Sunday; his wife's grand parents live in my area! So that was fun. We got a Christmas tree up!  Full size one that we decorated ourselves! It took a long time because we had to put the bows on one by one and I was super intelligent and did top to  bottom...... this is said in a sarcastic tone. We deliver Christmas messages a lot and have been encouraged to be familiar with the church's Christmas special on Mormon dot org. I miss you all lots!

William's November 27 Letter

Thanksgiving was good..... I can't eat as much as I use too. I was full on the first plate and I haven't been able to eat very much since. But it was good we spent most of the day with the Montgomery’s and that was a good time. We had opportunity and talked with their family. The past week has been good, although our investigators haven't come to church we have many many referrals and just need to get out and visit and we will have a plethora of work. We had the experiences of teaching ward councils and the young men; we have seen a lot of good success from this. The wards are refocusing on the work, both stake presidents our very good about missionary work. We have had good talks from general authorities giving encouragement and motivation, and both gave talks on the overwhelming importance of the work and gave it to the stake to prepare to serve a mission young and old and gave them the charge, the best way to prepare is to help now. I found that exciting. We received many referrals since, very good week.

My favorite part of the week though was exchanges back to West Ogden , I was with Elder Green and we had a great time together teaching and I even got a chance to say hi to a lot of my friends; they are doing well and a lot of old investigators our doing well.... although some still won't quit smoking 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

William's November 20 Letter

2012 November 20
Our week was good, we went to a stake conference, received a new stake president, assisted president Heirs with his talk, and had few lessons. Some lessons wound up cancelling on us, but others are excited to meet again. We invited President Heirs to come with us to another lesson. It’s exiting to see all the changes people are willing to make with the assistance of the Lord.
I will be staying at the Montgomery’s for Thanks giving. They requested our assistance with the turkey. It will be fun.

William's November 13 Letter

2012 November 13
We had a good week. We got a lot of things started up this transfer. Our stake president is very motivated for missionary work. We had a meeting and discussed ways he could improve the work.  We taught several lessons to investigators. They are all having a hard time getting to church though. Almost all of them are excited for baptism, but just a little distracted at times.
In Clinton, Patrick was baptized. We went down for that. It was very spiritual. I was excited to be able to attend the baptism. He was happy, he gave a testimony after words and that was the simple way he put it. It's nice to know they have a desire to come unto Christ.
 Carving of First Vision
 Haden's Baptism
 Haden and Elders
Patrick's Baptism

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

William's November 6 Letter

My past two weeks have been good, last week we had training on Tuesday and emails were moved to Monday, but we had scheduled appointments. The training was good, back to the basics of showing and examples of giving direction and internalizing principles. It was a fun day. We had a baptism on Sunday which was great! This was the last day of transfers and Elder Hudson and I are staying in Harrisville! It’s so exciting, Jennifer wrote me a letter. We had a lot of teaching appointments and have dinner with an investigator. He is exited to get his family taught. He requested a bible, he is very interested. We have mounds of candy from Halloween, I was elder Hudson! That’s all the more costumed we got. We have had great luck with a lot of our referrals. It’s good to see the gospel working. Its so cool to see it work inside of people. so they can accept the atonement.
We had snow for a little bit but it all melted :( oh well there will be more in the winter. I hope it comes. Elder Hudson likes cold weather, he from Texas, a little weird there.
I ran into a family here that knows Jeff and a Kathy. It was fun they knew my name previously but hadn’t made the connection until the dad asked where I was from (he had not heard) then the mom said she knew Divis' in Washington and that was kinda neat.
We also saw an army of cats disembark from a trash can.... 14 cats just jumped out of the dumpster, we were going back into a cul-de-sac to turn around, and saw a cat on the dumpster.  Elder Hudson wanted look at it and when we got closer they all just jumped out in all directions it was kinda cool. Appropriate for the season any way, it was a little spooky because it was dark.
Love you all lots!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

William's October 23 Letter

2012 October 23
My week was good. We have been receiving lots of referrals, and having lots of people to follow up with. Although the last Elder here left a lot of records that need to be signed and tracking down the people to sign is hard, for some reason they seem not to be home whenever we stop by. but the work’s picking up, we are getting along very well, we had  a lot of success this past week, we did exchanges with our district leader and he got into an argument with a Baptist, over something silly, they spent an hour or so talking with him, and did not get anywhere. Sad, but we got a family we have been stopping by for the past few weeks to agree to hear the lessons, which is good.  We might get a baptism out of it and get the family active!  We had a good experience with every one we are teaching, and hope that the people we haven't started with are going to be ready. Love you lots, we made cider here, weird recipe boiled the apples, not bad. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

William's October 16 Letter

2012 October 16
My week was good, we had several referrals, and got in contact with investigators who have been harder to get a hold of.  Our investigators are doing great! They are committing to baptism, some need to get to church but all of them are doing well. We had an adventure trying to find some people; some one sent an inverted address, it was something like 345 and 1650 which both can be street (not the actual numbers) and both could be houses.  We found it and they were not home :( but it helped us get to know the area) A lot of priests are getting prepared to leave for missions, it’s crazy.  So we have plenty of people to teach.  It’s been a good area, nothing to exciting is happening. We had dinner with a priest named a Garret's family, which was fun, everyone was so happy to be together, it was a small reunion. The members here are really missionary minded for, both stake presidents are engaged with us and that has helped. We are committing to teach a family named the Loves. Oh and we’re teaching a family that just came from Italy, they’re fun. It’s been a great week, we had spiritual experiences together, Hudson's trainer didn't do everything and I have to basically train him, not literally but go over the programs and lessons he needs to learn. He is doing great and we are really good friends. It’s a great time in the service of the Lord!
Love you lots

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

William's October 9 Letter

2012 October 9
Conference was a great time; I went to all of the Saturday sessions. Spent all day in Salt Lake, interesting, we either walked around temple square or the city creek mall, for lunch and dinner. The square is very nice and spiritual, I thought Pres. Uchtdorf's talk was really good about how things may be different in some regards such as a wards being different but they are all the same in their purpose. And the talk about selling your soul for a nickel, I hope some of our investigators saw it and apply it. My week was very good. We had lessons, some cancelled we received some referrals and have been working on getting into houses. The stake president is helping us a lot, and my companion and I get along very well. He’s a funny guy. The most talked about thing down here from conference is the age requirement changes. It’s made its way to the news. It's exciting to hear about. There is a priest who turned 18 this week; he said he is filling out his papers now. And to see the reaction in the conference center was great, it set the tone for the other talks which focused on missionaries, it was good conference.
Love you all lots!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

William's October 2 Letter

2012 October 2
My week was good. My new companion is Elder Hudson. We have had a good week with lots of teaching, we had a lot of fun, we had to solve a wedding problem for the first little bit and  track down all the baptismal records that weren't turned in, that was fun, meeting as many people as possible and doing as much as I can. It is fun here in Harrisville, much bigger then Clinton and we get a car, so that is really nice. Don’t know. I may go to conference for the last time at the conference center. It is the last one on my mission and I am real close so that’s good. The apartment is a really nice basement apartment it’s like Dave and Annette’s basement full apartment and all furnished and it is bigger than the last one and much easier to keep clean. It’s really nice. Well not a whole lot else to say right now but love you all lots

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

William's September 25 Letter

2012 September 25
 Well we had an investigator get kicked out of school, someone told his parents he was meeting with us. I was sick most of the week so that was that, I got better then another elder got sick and since I was sick I was volunteered as his temporary companion. The Brigham City temple was dedicated, we got to go to that, not in the temple but still very spiritual. 2 of our investigators read the Book of Mormon, (children’s version) by themselves. Pretty close to half way. My back has been hurting too, it’s more a nuisance then an actual pain but it’s right on the curve or bend or whatever. I had to get it popped only Elder Maynez didn't know how so I taught him. I am being transferred to Harrisville, which is nice; I will be serving with Elder Goodrick’s Greenie, so that will be fun. Thank you for all the pictures, they’re really nice, a lot of new faces and changes. It's fun. I am excited. I can go bowling a lot here so I am going to have to educate my brother when I get back. Ha ha. No the week has been great and I have learned a lot this transfer. I love you all lots!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

William's September 19 Letter

2012 September 19
My week was great. We have had several people accept baptismal dates.  The temple dedication is on Sunday. One of our investigators is having an issue with his living situation; he is upset about it but is coming more to understand. He’s a great guy and has a strong will to follow Christ. Another is good and has felt the Spirit but his father is a staunch catholic, and is not well pleased with it so we hope he talks, we are praying for a softened heart. Others have been coming out of the wood work and just asking for the blessings of the atonement. I have not crashed this week but I have had a lot of flats. The bike is a maganam and it’s old, and not well taken care of.  I need to take it apart and clean it. It is in bad shape. I hope they have some for the next missionaries cause most in this garage our not well. When we took it to be fixed the people who we brought them too were surprised we made it there alive considering the condition they were in, but they work. We killed 12 Black widows in one night.  We’re going to talk to Bro. Childs, our land lord, about spraying the garage and house, maybe fumigate both. I lost my wallet too and I found it and everything was in it but it was scary for about a week without it. I had to pull a hundred dollars from my account too.  We had planned something for a p-day activity, so I was nice and bought some supplies. I had run out of money early, I know twice in arrow its ridicules! I took some for groceries which I have run out of and P-day supplies, every one paid me back so it worked out.
On a side note, I am glad you brought up college. I made mention of this before but I was thinking about that. It comes to my mind as a prompting, so I looked into The U and found some stuff, I would have three days to apply before cut off, and another impression came to apply to BYUI. I think of Gonzaga the U or USU and BYU-I. I need to know if I should wait until I get home or not, it’s weighing heavily on my mind. But oh well.
Glad to hear everything is going good for every one, I got the blog but this computer doesn’t show the pictures so I have look at them next week. Love you lots!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

William's September 11 Letter

2012 September 11
My week was good, we found a lot of great new investigators, and our mission president taught a lesson with us. Our investigators are exited for the lessons. We taught a few new kids, they are interested but I am not sure if there grandpa enjoys the idea. We had a lot of good success. We taught an object lesson to Steven and his kid, they were really engaged. He has had some struggles with his situation and is living with one of his friends, she is going through a divorce, and it’s a hard situation, he is a little frustrated because he can't get baptized yet but it’s nice to see he is trying hard. We had a good lesson with two young kids Talia and Kenny, they are nice kids. They want to be baptized, Kenny says bathtised. It’s cute. The best part of this week was how much work has been coming our way, so many are being prepared.
Sister Burton would like a picture with Elder Burton and you guys. They’re a fun family we are really busy and they live faraway for walking but I like them.
Love you all lots!

 Road Rash (another bike crash)

 Ward Boundaries
This is a sugar glider

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

William's September 4 Letter

2012 September 4
My week was great. We taught Steven, he is still very interested but the kids, they need some help with their attention spans. But we found a young kid who wants to be baptized and another who accepted a date, and we have an appointment today!  Another guy is working on meeting with us and we got an appointment with a family, the daughter is interested, just busy busy people. We have a couple people coming out of the wood work.  It’s been fun. What mission in Texas? I have a friend that lives in Huston and he goes home soon his name is Elder Maw.
It’s cool to here that Caden got his call and is preparing to serve. One thing at the MTC go to the wrap bar, best place ever.
Typically we do our studies, practice for investigators, have lunch, and go make visits in wards, go to dinner and then go to our appointments, or vise verse as it depends when people schedule, kinda fluid how it goes. P-days are bouncy I usually just email, shop and maybe play a board game with someone or sports but it’s hardly ever set in stone, and can be more a stress day then a prep day.
I found out I am allergic to Utah mosquitos. Funny huh?  I have a little cold to but it’s going away. I enjoy your letters love you lots!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

William's August 28 Letter

2012 August 28
My week was great! We had a lot of lessons and several people are going to be baptized these coming weeks and its really exiting. Elder Maynez is cool, we have a lot of fun and we are getting better at teaching. We had a lot of things planned and so far all of it is going well, it’s crazy, I am glad to be here for 6 months, I am just used to 2-3 months in an area not 4-6 so it just a little strange to me, but the mission work is going up, all my friends are committing and our referrals quality is going up. My bikes brakes still aren’t the best but its running much better now. Laura wrote me a letter I need to send her one but here's a quick note, Hay Brinck family, this is a special shout out to you! Thanks for the letter and picture! I love you lots!
I am doing great. It’s nice to hear about weddings. The great thing about this church is eternal families. We do not fully comprehend that yet but it is the great thing about this church.
Mia is getting married in Bountiful, it’s great. I love this gospel.
And all this is coming so fast it’s so special to me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

William's August 21 Letter

We had a great week; a bunch of things came through for us. I was knocking on a door for 5 months and this week we got in, and another couple of people have set up an appointment and committed to baptism. Things are going well, the Lord is showing forth his blessings, archaic language but it has a better effect. We have an older gentleman who turned 82 yesterday! He has accepted a date. The couple, it’s great! Maynez is doing well; we are getting a long and having fun. We had President Hiers come and study with us, unfortunately it was at a time when most of our auxiliary leaders were not home, so we could not take full advantage of the car but it was great to learn from him and hear his perspective on things. The Burtons were great; they gave us breakfast, and showed me a video of their son at Bishop Carnline’s house, de-feathering chickens. We talked about the work and their family and took a picture; he made me an omelet that was almost bigger than my plate! They were a fun family. I hope the Elder is enjoying his mission.

William's August 14 Letter

My week was good. We went to musical fireside, invited everyone. Jedi committed to baptism, so did Corbin and his brother, may do so tonight! , which is amazing. I am staying in Clinton for another transfer which will total 6 months. It is a little strange, but it will be exciting to see the progress of the people we are working with. It’s looking up because a young man came up to us in church, and said I want to be baptized. So that was amazing!  We have had a lot of good things start to come up and I have learned a lot of things about teaching. It is a little slower than I am used to still but it’s nice, I am kind of sad I did not get sent somewhere new but it’s the Lord’s will and I am sure there are some people I need to meet and teach. Love you all lots!

William's August 7 Letter

This week has been very exciting, we had a baptism and I was able to baptize one of the girls. That was a great experience, the Clapire family opened the door again, they are still interested but very busy, I hope the Lord’s hand can bring a calm to their lives. The Dalton family has been progressing, not very fast but Steven is interested, he is going to be working while the Dalton family is in St George, so we are going to teach him then, my favorite thing about it is he is the one initiating most of it, which is great! we were able to attend other baptisms in our district so that was good, I  really enjoyed Tonga playing the guitar at a baptism by request of the one being baptized, it was, I believe, "I love to look for rainbows", the Spirit was very strong, I enjoyed participating in these missionary activities. Baptisms are the biggest part here, not the act itself but the spirit that they receive after it, they are so happy. I have made good friends with all my investigators; in fact a family is going up to Spokane this week for a time. It will be great. I have learned a lot these 4 months (almost 5) in Clinton and it is important to set goals and make plans and then work to achieve them. I love you lots

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

William's July 31 Letter

2012 July 31
My week was good we have two kids getting baptized with their little sister this Saturday, set up to get a lesson with our other potentials, and found someone who wants to get the Melchizedek priesthood,  we played football today and a had a great time.  Talked with a lot of people about the church, oh and we found a man who is trying to come back to church he is a great guy. Tonga (an elder I live with who has only been out for a few weeks) is teaching me guitar too, and my bike was acting up so I crashed a lot, and then I switched to another bike that we had just repaired, and the peddle fell off, so we’re back to walking; it is ridiculously hot!  I was just sitting in the garage and I was soaked by my own sweat.  I like how the work is going and it is good to hear Dustin is home and settling in. Hope you all are doing well. Love you lots!

William's July 25 Letter

2012 July 25
I can't think right now I read the last part of this letter and need time to recover.
Don't worry about the last one; it was just an out loud thought. Any way this week was fun, July is like fire work month, every city takes it so they light them of all month till the 24, we walked in the parade with President Hiers, and I was part of a group that did the Hakka, which was fun. We all have served around Ogden, so we saw a bunch of people we knew. I saw a lot of my mission friends, we went home played a game (killer Bunnies) it was fun, but I was tired and everything was closed! So we had to go back, and our lesson's fell through, so 24 was fun. Our investigators are working on things, but we need to have an official lesson with them and we can set a date. Its slow, but the work is exhilarating, Maynes is not my greenie, I am finishing the twelve week program with him. We having good success, just wish there was more. Since being in Clinton I have had a lot of cool experiences, we tracted all our town homes, and went through the list but this four man house makes it hard to get the planning done.
We ran a 5 K, it was cool we got a t-shirt, but I walked most of it.  Sorry I couldn't write longer emails it was a bad timing thing. Just super busy, anyway, our work is good and I know the Lord’s hand is in it,.....
So Dustin is getting married soon? That’s cool.......... just a joke because James and Jordan got married in like 3 months.  Love you lots!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

William's July 17 Letter

2012 July 17
My week was good; we have lessons set up and working with some new people. My companion is Elder Maynes from Mesa Arizona.  We had a good time teaching, and we are getting along. The house is packed, 4 elders two are greenies so it’s exiting, but the area is a little slow. I got a lot going on right now. I hope we get some fruit soon. Well love you lots!

Friday, July 13, 2012

William's July 10 Letter

2012 July 10
My week was busy; we had so much to do.  We were asked to do something by a zone at the beginning of transfers but we got it done yesterday because we are so busy. But we finally have some work going and I hope it brings fruit, we found a girl from Hawaii, and ran into some farmers and because of the situation the dad is no longer there and the windows are much more open. We went to an ice cream place, a girl got dear Janed by her missionary, I let Elder Goodrick talk because I got my ice cream and she just wanted to talk so, but I hope she resolved it, she was the girl (friend) that sent packages, letters, you know the one that makes everyone else hate the one getting them. Any ways we went with the family I mentioned and had a good talk, things are looking up. I am staying in Clinton and am getting a new companion.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

William's July 3 Letter

2012 July 3
I am still in the Utah Ogden mission under president Heirs, haven’t met him yet. We had a hard week not a whole lot going on. But we picked up and new investigator, she is from Ogden, We are excited to teach her, um I don't know how it will go. Our boundaries stop at Layton, we can't go to Layton or any farther south, but Laura may meet some of my friends who were sent down to the Salt Lake mission. It’s been fun this transfer but I hope it goes better next; it’s strange it’s going so fast; I am going to be home soon. It’s just weird how it’s accelerating, any way love you all lots!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

William's June 26 Letter

2012 June 26
My week has been busy with the mission split and a lot of my friends going. It’s been hard.  We had the last of Elder Lunt's firesides or ones President will be at, they are so amazing.  We’re getting a new president and I can't go see Ray and Johnny any more, but I got to see them all today. We are emailing really late this last p-day cause of all the mission split parties that went on today. We had a lesson at a family’s house, they lived in Spokane and are going up for a month or two to spend time with their grandma, down hazard road, it’s the same way I’d take to get to Jeff’s house when I was at Jodi’s  I think, or it sounds the same. But it was cool to find that out not so cool that we can't teach them until they get back and they really want to get baptized here otherwise I’d send the missionaries up there. We had our last mission conference with President, Jon Schmidt came and performed live as a departing gift, it was amazing! We TALKED a little bit, he is a high counselor over Ray's ward, so that was fun to touch base again, I met John Bytheway, again, he told me how he got into the fireside thing, which I think was neat. We haven’t had a good solid lesson in a while but we’re working on referrals, I’m throwing a party with the Whites on Thursday for Garrett and Flake! Lunt too, he is a great elder he put on the musical firesides, they were all super spiritual, after the last one elder Medvetski played phantom of the opera and a sister sang the girls part, and Bridston just came in with the guys, it was so epic (and I am using it appropriately this time) all in all I had a good week, just a little sad at the coming of the split that’s all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

William's June 19 Letter

2012 June 19
My week was busy too, not as busy as yours. Mia was baptized and we found a family too teach, we are having trouble getting them committed but they are good kids, I hope they made it to church, we had to go to Mia’s confirmation, which was at the same time as their church. We had some fun with the district and we had dinner with a family that runs a bakery out of their house "Mama Crimin’s Cookies" she makes really good cookies (we had pie). Our house is cramped, and I am getting kind of sad because next month I can't go to see Ray and Johnny anymore. But the gospel is true and I am excited to serve here. I am happy to hear every one is having fun, and that I have another member of the family. Thank you for the letters, love you lots!

Mia's Baptism

"No Letters Yet"

Sunday, June 17, 2012

William's June 12 Letter

2012 June 12
My week was great, we had a great district meeting and we are planning a party for Elder Flake and Elder Garette. We got a lot of paper work done, and found Mia a baptism suit that fits, and we received news about a family wanting the gospel and we have a lesson tonight with them. So much fun, my companions great, Goodrick is crazy; the other two are too but it’s fun living with them.  We get some good insight from each other. We have lots of fun finding, teaching, and practicing with each other. But we are making progress and things are going well.  We went to Bountiful today, stopped by Johnny and Rays to say “hay”. They’re doing well, I kinda miss this area but that's all good, making friends and teaching the gospel is great. It's that simple, be a friend to everyone and they will come around eventually and remember everything translates, I've learned that you can teach with good analogies of anything and people remember better when it's related to something they care about. I love you a lots!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

William's June 5 Letter

2012 June 5
Well the allergies are just as annoying as ever, but I am going to buy some medicine for them. My week was good we got Mia ready for baptism and she is exited and rescheduled it with our other investigators. I had a great week, although I had to wait to get a new card to buy thing, but that’s ok I got it now. We’ve been exercising lately too so I feel better. We are working with the auxiliaries to find investigators and things are going good. It’s weird to see "limbs" there that are about the size of the trees down here! Well, Love you lots!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

William's May 22 Letter

2012 May 22
Well my week was good.   We did a lot of good service and we had a lot of new investigators.   I will stay in Clinton and get Elder Goodrick, he sounds cool. Motsumai is going to Kaysville.  We had a funny district meeting where some elders trained a robin to stand on its hands, so guess who got attacked by said robin? It was probably the funniest thing that happened this week but it was a long week and it’s good to be able to be here to see the harvest. Elder Flake is going to the Clinton north area so that will be fun, it’s just north of me. Elder Garret is training and we have two with a date and a father and son who are beginning to investigate.  It is great to see how the gospel changes lives.  Well not much else exciting is happening, love you all lots!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

William's May 15 Letter

2012 May 15
I enjoyed talking on Sunday, it was great to talk with you and everyone, we had good day. We had fun this past week not to much excitement but enough for me. I went to the temple today and stopped by some old friends of mine (former investigators) they were so surprised to see me it was fun, I’d send pictures this week but these computers don't have USB. I am doing well having tons of fun, and doing lots of good work, but still not the kind I enjoy teaching baptizing and making friends its hard right now because we are finding and that is the tough part about missions. But we have a good week planned with several lessons and Mia might set a date so that’s good it makes me happy.  Thanks Dustin for the encouragement and support I love you a lot bro.  I love you Mom and happy mother’s day to everyone! I love you lots!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

William's May 8 Letter

2012 May 8
I was going to call you, around 5 your time, I’ll call tomorrow and make an appointment more official, I just want to overlap with Dustin really, have everyone else be there or on the phone since they ditched on Christmas.  Any way to more important things
My week was great, we lost Elder Bohana so we only cover one stake now and there are only two of us.  One of our investigators is getting really close to baptism and she is so funny, she told us she wanted to tell us that she was thinking about it, before her boyfriend got there cause she wants it to be more personal (sorry for the atrocious grammar)
We still walk but I only have one blister! I feel lots better physically, and we our getting along swimmingly as companions and everything is going great! Yesterday we were followed by a dog a whole block so we brought it back and talk with his owner, cool guy less active but he's trying. We have had lot of disappointment lately but it’s great for otherwise, we just need to motivate our investigators and ward mission leaders, Auxiliaries and general member but other than that...
So cool Cam is getting married! It’s so exciting to see covenants made like that!  Love you guys’ lots!
Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to Jordan and to any one I forgot.

 Basement Apartment
The dog that followed us

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

William's May 1 Letter

2012 May 1
My week was good, we had fun going over lesson's, but we haven't had any new and no one wants to be baptized    :( but there our other prospects and we our getting referrals and people are going to invite friends, so that’s always good. We had zone conference the other day, it was amazing. I had so much fun doing things.  Sister Olsen had some great activities for us, and I learned a lot. Everything sounds cool…  It sounds like the wedding was fun.  We found a costume shop and we are planning an adventure there.... it'll be fun.
Love you lots!

 Rick Reyes baptism
 Elder Garret and I
The Whites

Thursday, April 26, 2012

William's April 24 Letter

2012 April 24
Well my week was good.  Our zone leader is going home, so we are having a party for him at 4:00 today. He is a really neat guy. We have had a lot of progress with investigators... not as much as we like but enough to keep going. It’s a walking area and we have a long way to travel on foot but I feel good.   We found a thing of coffee in the apartment, we threw it away. I thought that was funny. Our investigators are having some trouble keeping commitments, so were working on that, we may have to drop some, some are really spiritual, and some of the people we work with our less active but they’re on the way back and it is amazing to see.  Temple square is amazing!  Did you see the new city creek center just across the street? It’s a shopping strip the church built and it has a retractable roof!
Hope you guys are well, love you lots!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

William's April 10 Letter

2012 April 10
My Easter was packed we had a lot of people at church, and ridicules amounts of candy and other things, so it was good. We taught several lessons, picked up dates and I am being transferred to Clition (Clinton?). My companion will be Motsumai from South Africa, he is a cool guy. I met him while I was in Roy zone. We were really packed today so this letter isn’t detailed. I’ll do a better one next week; I might get my charger back too.

William's April 3 Letter

2012 April 3
Our week, it was great! We had Ray and Johnny, two investigators, at priesthood on the balcony, and several other RC's and investigators at all the sessions except Sunday morning. it was a stressful, fun but it all came together in the end. We had fun with a friend of Gingrich's who brought up a game he wanted us to play it was complicated but fun, he gave us a ride to conference on Saturday, after we failed to get lunch, but all in all it was great we had all our questions answered and I hope some of our investigators a less actives watched cause it blew their concern out of the water!! Well I have enjoyed bountiful a lot and the zone is great, it’s weird to think about how long I have left (I don't do it often) but when we put it in terms of transfers to figure the mission split, it seems a ridicules short time :(, but IT's going to be fun every step of the way! I loved the talks in conference especially the prophet's, he is a great man. Love you lots!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

William's March 27 Letter

2012 March 27
He he.. I can see the airport from my area!! and I will be attending almost every session of General Conference, and my friend Elder Medvetski might be organist for priesthood session! My week was great, we baptized President Monson’s cousin's cousin’s step granddaughter! Sort of a roundabout thing but still fun, she was very persistent with her grandma to get baptized. Her grandma won’t go to church but she believes the gospel one hundred percent, just doesn’t like dealing with people at church. We taught MAK the other day ( he is 16 his mom is an ESPEN reporter, so if you can watch the NCAA women’s final four, she will be on and he’ll be there.) March Madness is great! I can't watch it at all and I got into basketball with Heintz. But that’s ok. Gingrich and I are having fun, we got so many lessons and are working on baptism for some people, we are helping a  man,  Exiting, well other than that nothing really exiting happened, oh Gingrich lost his planner! Not good so that wasn't fun we spent all day looking for it! Never found it, but we recovered and our doing fine now. love you lots .....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

William's March 20 Letter

2012 March 20
My week has been great.  We baptized and confirmed a little girl from Vietnam. She was very excited to find out about the gospel. One of our investigators is in Italy for the week but he will be baptized when he gets back. We are teaching an excommunicated member, he is very desires to return. We have two investigators who are showing progress and I have become very good friends with them. We talked with one of the authors of “Preach my Gospel”. He wanted suggestions on how it could be improved.  It was very difficult to come up with anything! We came up with some physical flaws, that would make the book last longer but other than that the book is amazing and should be used in every way as much as scripture...... it teaches principles of the gospel that when understood improve every aspect of your life. It is a mazing.  I have had a fun week and most of the activities I participate in are athletic. We might go bowling today but I am not sure if we will go. Love you lots!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

William's March 13 Letter

2012 March 13
(What did you mean when you said: "We taught the Plan of Salvation and he was of by terms and that was it, so it was great lesson." ? )Oh, our investigator is 18 and he is from Guam and he told us the plan of salvation using a different language for everything, but was dead on.
MY week has been good we have had good lessons, super spiritual. But I’ve been sick so we haven't been able to do the work we have wanted to.  We spent time bonding, he’s really cool, and we get along really good. I can't send pictures because my cameras dead and I can't find my charger!!!  It’s not good. We had party yesterday for my birthday and year mark it was fun the whole zone came! But I still haven't gotten a package yet, which is odd, it should be here. But it’s all good. We are having good success and we could be setting up some investigators this week so that’s good, and I really like my zone! Bountiful and North Salt Lake are amazing! It could be better if I didn’t have to deal with four stakes but, it is a small price for such a great environment. Love you lots!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

William's March 6 Letter

2012 March 6
(How are your suits holding up?) The brown one is a little snug but I have the gray one and two other ones that are fine. There is a gym in the area we go to so I should be fine by the end of the transfer. We found out that the mission will be splitting to create a new Salt Lake mission! I am in Bountiful (Val Verda and north Salt Lake) so it affects me but it won’t happen till July so who knows what will happen if I go to the new one or stay in Ogden, either way it’s a new mission president so it’s whatever but there will be a change, we have a date with two new investigators a Vietnamese girl and a 16 year old who is pretty solid as well as our friend down here who is from Guam.  He’s fun and he has the spirit.  We taught the Plan of Salvation and he was of by terms and that was it, so it was great lesson. Oh what is Jaimmie's email I have something exiting to tell her that no one else ... well maybe Mariah, would be excited about. Anyway it’s been an excellent week, my new companion is Elder Gingrich, he is cool also Elder Glowzine is in our zone so that will be fun, he is from Germany. Elder Sanrome is here from the Philippines, he fun. The new apartment is amazing.  I need to send pictures, next time, I forgot the cord :( but I'll send some good ones next week.) Happy birthday Mariah!! Love you all very much!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

William's February 28 Letter

2012 February 28
Ok, this week was fun. We went on exchanges I got to know our dl really well, he from California, great guy, told me about why he’s out, it’s an intense story. We had good lessons with investigators and have a great set up for the coming transfer. I will be in Val Verda, which is in Bountiful. It will be exiting. We gave a talk at Honeyville and had a fun party right afterwards. Actually it was a lesson that the fellowship had just made a ton of food for dinner at, but it was still fun. Heintz is training, so that’s exiting. We solidified dates and got some awesome investigators to church so thing are great, we our teaching about 10 people and most have dates for this month!! It’s amazing what the Lord’s doing. It’s been fun I’ve almost been out for a whole year as the members remind me. We had snow all day today, it was great to see.  We cleaned our apartment and some guy just gave us food out of the blue. It was weird, but cool. So that was my week. I don't have anything more exiting, well we had this district meeting and Elder Garet the other dl made this Lehi’s vision in the gym of the tabernacle and we walked through it.  It was cool, a little short but very well done.  He had some art skills, it was amazing a ten foot cardboard tree and the building went across the stage. There was a rod of Iron and a missionary dressed as an angel!!! It was awesome and Sister White was there and she gave me the shirt from the Book of Mormon challenge, she is so nice! IT has been a great transfer love you all lots!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

William's February 21st Letter

2012 February 21
My week has been great we didn't have a baptism as planed but we still have 6 dates and it’s exciting to see people change. I hope the kids apply the principles, they’re the ones we each our converts. I had dinner with the Hayes, it was fun, grandma McCombs was there, and she talked about home. Our district leader asked us to do District meeting on Wednesday, we are planning really hard, but I think it will be fun. I love this area, it’s sweet. Hope you guys are doing well, I need to write more letters.
Love you lots!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

William's February 14th Letter

2012 February 14
Well this week was good, we had one baptism, and the teaching was slow, I got the stomach flu and we spent time with some other elders who were sick too. After teaching appointments, I went on exchanges with Adam Hayes and he went with me to two lessons. And we picked up some dates and we had a crazy Sunday. We went to almost every ward possible and had two confirmations. Then yesterday we had lesson spike up and today were going bowling. it’s been a great week, I was studying and I read about the spirit and its power, how angels speak by its power, so the spirit gives the power to speak with the tongue of angels, which I deduced to be truth ( actually it just came to me to say that in the talk I was giving) and that if we listen to the spirit and speak with its power or the truth (either way has the same effect) we can speak with the voice and tongue of angels! Which I thought was cool, cause if you read Alma’s experience it is pretty cool to have the earth shake! Congratulations to everyone on marriage and babies and birthdays! Love you all lots

William's February 7th Letter

2012 February 7
This week was excellent. We taught several people and picked up a new date from a kid who is ready to be baptized a.s.a.p. I went on splits with Adam Hayes, and we taught a lesson out in Corinne, and yes I do cover Fred’s stake and Adam showed us where he lives. we had district activate, which was just a pizza party because the district leader's dinner had got him to much so he called us in to eat it... he is a good District leader he was sick so we gave him a blessing and he is getting better, their apartment is cool.  Jerry would like some of the people in this area they’re big game hunters, the land lord of the dl has many trophies, and some of them are in the dl apartment because there isn't room in his trophy room. HE HAS A LION RUG! and a skinned  lynx; its larger than most cats I’ve seen. We left back to our lessons and we had some spiritual experiences.  We have lost some dates but we will get them back and hopefully get every one committed. But we had stake conference and President was there he spoke with Elder Malm of the seventy. He is a great speaker, Elder Malm, he took time to talk with a La member we are friends with, he didn't go on a mission and got married instead, his wife filed for a divorce a short time later and he couldn't serve a mission after being married, but he is getting active and repenting of his ways, he loves the church he was just lost for a while. And it excited me that Elder Malm would take time to speak to him about these things and encourage him to go to the temple. Elder Malm spoke powerfully and gave great and marvelous teachings. Or rather He emphasized some important points that we over look ordinarily. We had dinner out in Honeyville and we got lost and stuck on some muddy road, Heitz of course driving, he got us stuck, well I got us stuck (wait), but I guided him to the dry ground. It’s a good story for gospel principles. Well last night we found new faster ways around our area which was good. Then we planned a zone activity for today and we will be off to that soon.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

William's January 24th Letter

2012 January 24
It’s been a good week the area is great and my companion is cool, he's a great missionary, he already had dates lined up when I got here. We have fun; he's from Florida and was trained by Elder Zachreson. He is so excited about the snow he freaks out about it, it’s kind of funny when he’s super exited and I just act normal. It’s all new to him so it is fun. I don't think I’ve seen Fred or Danny, but if you send a picture I'll keep looking. Thank you for the quotes
It is the biggest thing to know yourself. Just like with an animal, you can't tame it unless you know it.
Love you guys’ lots!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

William's January 17 Letter

2012 January 17
My week was good! We are progressing with our investigators.... and I am being transferred to Brigham north, with Elder Hintez. He’s cool; Zachreson trained him. I started the class. It's good, it’s fun but it’s not as interesting as I thought, but I've just been there once so it should be better as we go. It’s good, I'll make some good friends, and it will be fun. Our investigators may be sad but it will be fun. That reminds me, there is a website that makes business cards. So I can put contact info on it and give it to the people I wanna stay in contact with down here. It’s called  I’d like some for the convenience. It’ll be fun; I’ll send what I want on it. It only cost shipping, so it’s like 5 dollars. The Pizza was delicious the district loved it, it was so good. We made it for some investigators. I hope they get baptized. Some of my favorite scriptures; Alma 60: 21 its good for talents and 13 is a great verse in this chapter. D&C 18:38-39 it’s great for missionary work and of course my personal favorite (right now) Moroni 8:16 and 1:1 it really helped my testimony especially after reading the Book of Mormon through Moroni, you get a lot of respect for the book... I memorized a few more but it’s hard to keep them straight, but these are the ones I know the reference for.
Thanks for your prayers
love you lots help the missionaries, love you lots!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

William's January 3rd and10th Letter

2012 January 3
New Year’s was good, we had fun, with a family playing a board game then we went home to bed. We had a few discussions the day previous but not yet any fruit. We need to get some dates. That’s about it, when did Tyson get engaged?? When did he get home!!  Hope the construction is doing well. And that’s where I am at this week. Love you lots.

2012 January 10
I am doing well. We had a baptism and have picked up two dates. We’ve been working hard, and seen the benefits, we still need Harry to quit smoking, but he is progressing we have a few potentials we are working on. We had a zone party for an elder’s birthday, he was surprised! It was amazing. This transfer has been a little slow but it’s picking up speed, and I love that the Lord is blessing us.

Alyssa's Baptism

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

William's December 27th Letter with pictures

2011 December 27
Well, it was good. Not too exiting, really, we watched church movies and went to bed after dinner, but I got a stocking so that’s good. Oh yeah and we have mountains of chocolate, its ridiculous.
 Zone at a service project.
 Ceaser's baptism
 The Christmas barbel the Jensen’s made me.
Casey baptism 
 Elder Barney’s tie
 Zachreson’s blanket

Candy corn yeah!

Monday, January 2, 2012

William's December 20 Letter

2011 December 20
I had a great week, we have good lessons a baptism on Saturday and plenty of investigators, we've had fun week any way. We had to walk to the family history center, but it was fun. Well we have a Christmas tree set up and were all set!  The class has not yet started so I don't know yet. Um I could call any time after 12:00 my time. We have confirmation and a district thing before that, I'll call dad's phone. Um, I’ll send a time give me a sec
Well I'll call around 1:30 my time so if that works for you.

William's December 13th Letter with pictures

2011 December 13
Well my week was fantastic we had a baptism, I confirmed him, and we have a date for the 24. We have several investigators; I met the Greenies all amazing. We are getting the work going, Elder Daly (daily) is cool, but he isn't so out going, not closed in but just not so out there.  That’s good that I have a new nephew! You probably shouldn’t tell me that you’re going to be an hour and half a way for a week.....!
I have a baptism that week, so that’s great I got some pictures from Richmond I didn’t have. Elder Zachreson gave them to me just now so that’s cool. Have a merry Christmas. Oh we did service the other day that was fun and I’m making pizza for the district!