Sunday, June 17, 2012

William's June 12 Letter

2012 June 12
My week was great, we had a great district meeting and we are planning a party for Elder Flake and Elder Garette. We got a lot of paper work done, and found Mia a baptism suit that fits, and we received news about a family wanting the gospel and we have a lesson tonight with them. So much fun, my companions great, Goodrick is crazy; the other two are too but it’s fun living with them.  We get some good insight from each other. We have lots of fun finding, teaching, and practicing with each other. But we are making progress and things are going well.  We went to Bountiful today, stopped by Johnny and Rays to say “hay”. They’re doing well, I kinda miss this area but that's all good, making friends and teaching the gospel is great. It's that simple, be a friend to everyone and they will come around eventually and remember everything translates, I've learned that you can teach with good analogies of anything and people remember better when it's related to something they care about. I love you a lots!

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