Wednesday, August 22, 2012

William's August 7 Letter

This week has been very exciting, we had a baptism and I was able to baptize one of the girls. That was a great experience, the Clapire family opened the door again, they are still interested but very busy, I hope the Lord’s hand can bring a calm to their lives. The Dalton family has been progressing, not very fast but Steven is interested, he is going to be working while the Dalton family is in St George, so we are going to teach him then, my favorite thing about it is he is the one initiating most of it, which is great! we were able to attend other baptisms in our district so that was good, I  really enjoyed Tonga playing the guitar at a baptism by request of the one being baptized, it was, I believe, "I love to look for rainbows", the Spirit was very strong, I enjoyed participating in these missionary activities. Baptisms are the biggest part here, not the act itself but the spirit that they receive after it, they are so happy. I have made good friends with all my investigators; in fact a family is going up to Spokane this week for a time. It will be great. I have learned a lot these 4 months (almost 5) in Clinton and it is important to set goals and make plans and then work to achieve them. I love you lots

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