Tuesday, September 25, 2012

William's September 25 Letter

2012 September 25
 Well we had an investigator get kicked out of school, someone told his parents he was meeting with us. I was sick most of the week so that was that, I got better then another elder got sick and since I was sick I was volunteered as his temporary companion. The Brigham City temple was dedicated, we got to go to that, not in the temple but still very spiritual. 2 of our investigators read the Book of Mormon, (children’s version) by themselves. Pretty close to half way. My back has been hurting too, it’s more a nuisance then an actual pain but it’s right on the curve or bend or whatever. I had to get it popped only Elder Maynez didn't know how so I taught him. I am being transferred to Harrisville, which is nice; I will be serving with Elder Goodrick’s Greenie, so that will be fun. Thank you for all the pictures, they’re really nice, a lot of new faces and changes. It's fun. I am excited. I can go bowling a lot here so I am going to have to educate my brother when I get back. Ha ha. No the week has been great and I have learned a lot this transfer. I love you all lots!

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