Tuesday, January 10, 2012

William's January 3rd and10th Letter

2012 January 3
New Year’s was good, we had fun, with a family playing a board game then we went home to bed. We had a few discussions the day previous but not yet any fruit. We need to get some dates. That’s about it, when did Tyson get engaged?? When did he get home!!  Hope the construction is doing well. And that’s where I am at this week. Love you lots.

2012 January 10
I am doing well. We had a baptism and have picked up two dates. We’ve been working hard, and seen the benefits, we still need Harry to quit smoking, but he is progressing we have a few potentials we are working on. We had a zone party for an elder’s birthday, he was surprised! It was amazing. This transfer has been a little slow but it’s picking up speed, and I love that the Lord is blessing us.

Alyssa's Baptism

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