Friday, July 13, 2012

William's July 10 Letter

2012 July 10
My week was busy; we had so much to do.  We were asked to do something by a zone at the beginning of transfers but we got it done yesterday because we are so busy. But we finally have some work going and I hope it brings fruit, we found a girl from Hawaii, and ran into some farmers and because of the situation the dad is no longer there and the windows are much more open. We went to an ice cream place, a girl got dear Janed by her missionary, I let Elder Goodrick talk because I got my ice cream and she just wanted to talk so, but I hope she resolved it, she was the girl (friend) that sent packages, letters, you know the one that makes everyone else hate the one getting them. Any ways we went with the family I mentioned and had a good talk, things are looking up. I am staying in Clinton and am getting a new companion.

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