Tuesday, July 31, 2012

William's July 31 Letter

2012 July 31
My week was good we have two kids getting baptized with their little sister this Saturday, set up to get a lesson with our other potentials, and found someone who wants to get the Melchizedek priesthood,  we played football today and a had a great time.  Talked with a lot of people about the church, oh and we found a man who is trying to come back to church he is a great guy. Tonga (an elder I live with who has only been out for a few weeks) is teaching me guitar too, and my bike was acting up so I crashed a lot, and then I switched to another bike that we had just repaired, and the peddle fell off, so we’re back to walking; it is ridiculously hot!  I was just sitting in the garage and I was soaked by my own sweat.  I like how the work is going and it is good to hear Dustin is home and settling in. Hope you all are doing well. Love you lots!

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