Tuesday, May 15, 2012

William's May 15 Letter

2012 May 15
I enjoyed talking on Sunday, it was great to talk with you and everyone, we had good day. We had fun this past week not to much excitement but enough for me. I went to the temple today and stopped by some old friends of mine (former investigators) they were so surprised to see me it was fun, I’d send pictures this week but these computers don't have USB. I am doing well having tons of fun, and doing lots of good work, but still not the kind I enjoy teaching baptizing and making friends its hard right now because we are finding and that is the tough part about missions. But we have a good week planned with several lessons and Mia might set a date so that’s good it makes me happy.  Thanks Dustin for the encouragement and support I love you a lot bro.  I love you Mom and happy mother’s day to everyone! I love you lots!

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