Wednesday, November 21, 2012

William's November 20 Letter

2012 November 20
Our week was good, we went to a stake conference, received a new stake president, assisted president Heirs with his talk, and had few lessons. Some lessons wound up cancelling on us, but others are excited to meet again. We invited President Heirs to come with us to another lesson. It’s exiting to see all the changes people are willing to make with the assistance of the Lord.
I will be staying at the Montgomery’s for Thanks giving. They requested our assistance with the turkey. It will be fun.

William's November 13 Letter

2012 November 13
We had a good week. We got a lot of things started up this transfer. Our stake president is very motivated for missionary work. We had a meeting and discussed ways he could improve the work.  We taught several lessons to investigators. They are all having a hard time getting to church though. Almost all of them are excited for baptism, but just a little distracted at times.
In Clinton, Patrick was baptized. We went down for that. It was very spiritual. I was excited to be able to attend the baptism. He was happy, he gave a testimony after words and that was the simple way he put it. It's nice to know they have a desire to come unto Christ.
 Carving of First Vision
 Haden's Baptism
 Haden and Elders
Patrick's Baptism

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

William's November 6 Letter

My past two weeks have been good, last week we had training on Tuesday and emails were moved to Monday, but we had scheduled appointments. The training was good, back to the basics of showing and examples of giving direction and internalizing principles. It was a fun day. We had a baptism on Sunday which was great! This was the last day of transfers and Elder Hudson and I are staying in Harrisville! It’s so exciting, Jennifer wrote me a letter. We had a lot of teaching appointments and have dinner with an investigator. He is exited to get his family taught. He requested a bible, he is very interested. We have mounds of candy from Halloween, I was elder Hudson! That’s all the more costumed we got. We have had great luck with a lot of our referrals. It’s good to see the gospel working. Its so cool to see it work inside of people. so they can accept the atonement.
We had snow for a little bit but it all melted :( oh well there will be more in the winter. I hope it comes. Elder Hudson likes cold weather, he from Texas, a little weird there.
I ran into a family here that knows Jeff and a Kathy. It was fun they knew my name previously but hadn’t made the connection until the dad asked where I was from (he had not heard) then the mom said she knew Divis' in Washington and that was kinda neat.
We also saw an army of cats disembark from a trash can.... 14 cats just jumped out of the dumpster, we were going back into a cul-de-sac to turn around, and saw a cat on the dumpster.  Elder Hudson wanted look at it and when we got closer they all just jumped out in all directions it was kinda cool. Appropriate for the season any way, it was a little spooky because it was dark.
Love you all lots!