Tuesday, September 25, 2012

William's September 25 Letter

2012 September 25
 Well we had an investigator get kicked out of school, someone told his parents he was meeting with us. I was sick most of the week so that was that, I got better then another elder got sick and since I was sick I was volunteered as his temporary companion. The Brigham City temple was dedicated, we got to go to that, not in the temple but still very spiritual. 2 of our investigators read the Book of Mormon, (children’s version) by themselves. Pretty close to half way. My back has been hurting too, it’s more a nuisance then an actual pain but it’s right on the curve or bend or whatever. I had to get it popped only Elder Maynez didn't know how so I taught him. I am being transferred to Harrisville, which is nice; I will be serving with Elder Goodrick’s Greenie, so that will be fun. Thank you for all the pictures, they’re really nice, a lot of new faces and changes. It's fun. I am excited. I can go bowling a lot here so I am going to have to educate my brother when I get back. Ha ha. No the week has been great and I have learned a lot this transfer. I love you all lots!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

William's September 19 Letter

2012 September 19
My week was great. We have had several people accept baptismal dates.  The temple dedication is on Sunday. One of our investigators is having an issue with his living situation; he is upset about it but is coming more to understand. He’s a great guy and has a strong will to follow Christ. Another is good and has felt the Spirit but his father is a staunch catholic, and is not well pleased with it so we hope he talks, we are praying for a softened heart. Others have been coming out of the wood work and just asking for the blessings of the atonement. I have not crashed this week but I have had a lot of flats. The bike is a maganam and it’s old, and not well taken care of.  I need to take it apart and clean it. It is in bad shape. I hope they have some for the next missionaries cause most in this garage our not well. When we took it to be fixed the people who we brought them too were surprised we made it there alive considering the condition they were in, but they work. We killed 12 Black widows in one night.  We’re going to talk to Bro. Childs, our land lord, about spraying the garage and house, maybe fumigate both. I lost my wallet too and I found it and everything was in it but it was scary for about a week without it. I had to pull a hundred dollars from my account too.  We had planned something for a p-day activity, so I was nice and bought some supplies. I had run out of money early, I know twice in arrow its ridicules! I took some for groceries which I have run out of and P-day supplies, every one paid me back so it worked out.
On a side note, I am glad you brought up college. I made mention of this before but I was thinking about that. It comes to my mind as a prompting, so I looked into The U and found some stuff, I would have three days to apply before cut off, and another impression came to apply to BYUI. I think of Gonzaga the U or USU and BYU-I. I need to know if I should wait until I get home or not, it’s weighing heavily on my mind. But oh well.
Glad to hear everything is going good for every one, I got the blog but this computer doesn’t show the pictures so I have look at them next week. Love you lots!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

William's September 11 Letter

2012 September 11
My week was good, we found a lot of great new investigators, and our mission president taught a lesson with us. Our investigators are exited for the lessons. We taught a few new kids, they are interested but I am not sure if there grandpa enjoys the idea. We had a lot of good success. We taught an object lesson to Steven and his kid, they were really engaged. He has had some struggles with his situation and is living with one of his friends, she is going through a divorce, and it’s a hard situation, he is a little frustrated because he can't get baptized yet but it’s nice to see he is trying hard. We had a good lesson with two young kids Talia and Kenny, they are nice kids. They want to be baptized, Kenny says bathtised. It’s cute. The best part of this week was how much work has been coming our way, so many are being prepared.
Sister Burton would like a picture with Elder Burton and you guys. They’re a fun family we are really busy and they live faraway for walking but I like them.
Love you all lots!

 Road Rash (another bike crash)

 Ward Boundaries
This is a sugar glider

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

William's September 4 Letter

2012 September 4
My week was great. We taught Steven, he is still very interested but the kids, they need some help with their attention spans. But we found a young kid who wants to be baptized and another who accepted a date, and we have an appointment today!  Another guy is working on meeting with us and we got an appointment with a family, the daughter is interested, just busy busy people. We have a couple people coming out of the wood work.  It’s been fun. What mission in Texas? I have a friend that lives in Huston and he goes home soon his name is Elder Maw.
It’s cool to here that Caden got his call and is preparing to serve. One thing at the MTC go to the wrap bar, best place ever.
Typically we do our studies, practice for investigators, have lunch, and go make visits in wards, go to dinner and then go to our appointments, or vise verse as it depends when people schedule, kinda fluid how it goes. P-days are bouncy I usually just email, shop and maybe play a board game with someone or sports but it’s hardly ever set in stone, and can be more a stress day then a prep day.
I found out I am allergic to Utah mosquitos. Funny huh?  I have a little cold to but it’s going away. I enjoy your letters love you lots!