Wednesday, July 27, 2011

William's July 26th Letter

2011 July 26
My week was sweet, we had a lesson with Sam, and one with Sena, and we have a lesson today. We had some on Monday, none on Friday because it’s a holiday here. We tried to catch a goat but failed then we did service in cove. Today we had fun we got attacked by dogs!! It was so cool, got it on camera, I'll send you pictures!
I love teaching, we have a family that just needs to confirm that it is true and they will be baptized! It’s awesome. I love my whole area, so much potential, love you lots!

William's July 19th Letter

2011 July 19th
My week was exiting. We went on exchanges, on Wednesday, it was cool.   I went with Elder Tutt who is from Kennewick in the tri cities. He’s sweet Egyptian descent. He’s training a new elder form Wyoming. The kid is, well into his twenties but he’s crazy! Well cowboy crazy but he is cool. Elder Z and I went to dlt or district leader training it was cool. We had fun; I spent time with Elder Franklin. He served in the army as an analyst for 4 years, originally from Arizona; he is serving from Anchorage Alaska. Friday we had an exciting day of lessons; we are teaching a Native American guy.  He showed us some cool tricks and talk about herbs and how the tea bag lesson worked. He’s pretty cool but I think he'll have trouble with the word of wisdom, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there, I still working with Sena, could have gone on Sunday but Z wanted to get to dinner and afterwards we went to a home teaching to do some mission work. Monday there was a training in Ogden, so I went on exchanges with Elder Franklin, the other dl left his phone with us, so we had both phones, and a car but neither of us can drive it! So we took the bus to Smithfield, tracted and met some cool old guys who showed us some really corny stuff. I’ll show you when I get home. But we got back had to go to dinner then went to cove not too far away but we were supposed to go to Clarkston, where the Martin Harris pageant will be held next week some time, which is a half hour away. Had a lesson cancel, and were unable to go to another. So we weren’t too happy. Since we couldn't call Elder Zacherson we were worried. He finally called us and at 7:45 he was in Logan a half hour away. Just a crazy week, but I've been practicing focus and it is helping and president hasn't said anything so I guess I am fine. Love you all lots!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

William's July 12th Letter

2011 July 12
My week was good; we had a baptism on Saturday. We will have one this Saturday and everything is looking good. We missed one appointment, I was sad about that because the guy is really cool.  We need to set some new thing s up with investigators but that will be good. Hope camp is fun. We went hiking today, it was fun.  We found a tube cave so we climbed up it to the other side. It was fun, but exhausting. I love my mission and hope to have as much success as possible. Don’t watch captain America until I get home... that is for Jordan and James and the like.  Actually I don't care just don't say anything about it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

William's July 5th Letter

We had a great week, we got 2 new investigators, one was not serious about it felt bad and dropped us, the other is really excited to get baptized and can hardly wait, we taught her a few times and we have been looking to find other people. We had fun on the 4th we went to Lewiston to watch fireworks. It was fun especially since we have a Samoan who buys professional grade fireworks. They were loud, it scared the landlady’s dog and it came down to us. It took forever to get here back up to here kennel. We painted our room because we found mold. It took us two days. But we still were able to get lessons done and do more service. We planted some trees for some members, on a steep hill with dry hard rocky earth, Or at least where I was, everyone else had finished when I finally got deep enough to say I started. Our investigators are doing good I am going to call Sena and set up an appointment with her, it will be fun. Love you all lots!