Tuesday, January 29, 2013

William's January 29th Letter

2013 January 29
I had a crazy week. We had freezing rain so bad kids went Ice skating in their drive ways. Not an exaggeration, they really did. We had a snow so bad we couldn't leave the house and fog so thick we could see 10 yards at best. We taught three lessons, some had to cancel do to the weather, but the ones we had were good. An investigator may be in prison but it will be good for him. We still do not have a car, but transfers are here and they should have one then. Youmans is leaving halfway through the month but life is great apart from that. It is really starting to pick up and it’s enjoyable. I love it a lot. It is hard not to get trunky. Love you lots!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

William's January 22 Letter

2013 January 22
It was a great week. We got a lot of work done. We were only able to do limit work in two wards, but we got a lot of significant things done. We visited a man who is convinced that he has not received an answer from God to his prayers, he believes in the church but he has, in his opinion, not yet received an answer. He has a very stressful time right now, eviction, warrants, floods, and unemployment. His life is not going well but he is determined to make it better. A young couple who’s the father is disabled, degenerative disease in his back, and he is less active and the mother is not a member. We had a good lesson, but they are in hard times but are looking forward to lessons. We had a good time visiting in the ward we live in, not a ton of success but we got a better Idea of the area, we do not have a car yet but we should get one this week today maybe, but they gave a car to some elders who had their car in the shop...... not sure about the situation but I have a feeling it was a crash.  The members are helping us.  We are using them much more now we have more options to work with, not wanting to ask one person over and over.
My mission president asked me to make an anti truncky goal. I decided building courage in my companion and investigators would be the most effective and I have seen a lot of good from the focus.
I love you all lots!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

William's January 15th Letter

2013 January 15
It was actually very good, although the ETA on the car is now sometime in the future. But we had 2 good lessons, new investigators; more support from the wards and a change in the correlation time which means it will be easier for us to get there. We shoveled the church building, and we have lots of snow also, it was storming so bad we were told to stay inside. We had zone conference, it was engaging and we learned a lot and set our goals for the year.
I have decided to send some things home to save room.  How is the house coming? You should send pictures of the progress and I’ll give encouragement to finish it.
Well love you all lots!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

William's January 8th Letter

2013 January 8
Oh my companion is Elder Youmans. He is from Alaska, Wasilla and he has been out for 4 months. Our week wasn't very eventful apart from an interview with president and walking 4 miles in the snow, not much else. We did set up a lesson and we still need a car. Our area and mission leaders are helping a lot, we have lots of support from the wards. We have moved in but we are now with a family in Willard. We’ve got moved pretty well and have had things set up. I enjoying it just very slow do to circumstance.  Love you lots!

Friday, January 4, 2013

William's January 3rd Letter

It has been a good week. We got moved into a new apartment and received a few referrals and have been able to set things up, we will get a car soon and our phone works. We have interviews with the president tomorrow, actually as today is Wednesday. Since we didn't have whole lot to do as it was difficult to get anywhere not much excitement happened other New Year’s and getting just the right amount of new socks so I can get rid of the holey ones, sad they seem a little scared to discard.... We have met a few new people and have had a few fun things happen, the most important being the move and a rather good discussion on commitment.  My District leader is very good, and we have been living with him a while now.  His companion was born in schrelanca and had come to learn English threw the Book of Mormon and receive a testimony of its worth. He has read it 80-some times. It’s been a good week and I love you lots!