Tuesday, October 23, 2012

William's October 23 Letter

2012 October 23
My week was good. We have been receiving lots of referrals, and having lots of people to follow up with. Although the last Elder here left a lot of records that need to be signed and tracking down the people to sign is hard, for some reason they seem not to be home whenever we stop by. but the work’s picking up, we are getting along very well, we had  a lot of success this past week, we did exchanges with our district leader and he got into an argument with a Baptist, over something silly, they spent an hour or so talking with him, and did not get anywhere. Sad, but we got a family we have been stopping by for the past few weeks to agree to hear the lessons, which is good.  We might get a baptism out of it and get the family active!  We had a good experience with every one we are teaching, and hope that the people we haven't started with are going to be ready. Love you lots, we made cider here, weird recipe boiled the apples, not bad. 

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