Wednesday, August 22, 2012

William's August 21 Letter

We had a great week; a bunch of things came through for us. I was knocking on a door for 5 months and this week we got in, and another couple of people have set up an appointment and committed to baptism. Things are going well, the Lord is showing forth his blessings, archaic language but it has a better effect. We have an older gentleman who turned 82 yesterday! He has accepted a date. The couple, it’s great! Maynez is doing well; we are getting a long and having fun. We had President Hiers come and study with us, unfortunately it was at a time when most of our auxiliary leaders were not home, so we could not take full advantage of the car but it was great to learn from him and hear his perspective on things. The Burtons were great; they gave us breakfast, and showed me a video of their son at Bishop Carnline’s house, de-feathering chickens. We talked about the work and their family and took a picture; he made me an omelet that was almost bigger than my plate! They were a fun family. I hope the Elder is enjoying his mission.

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