Thursday, April 26, 2012

William's April 24 Letter

2012 April 24
Well my week was good.  Our zone leader is going home, so we are having a party for him at 4:00 today. He is a really neat guy. We have had a lot of progress with investigators... not as much as we like but enough to keep going. It’s a walking area and we have a long way to travel on foot but I feel good.   We found a thing of coffee in the apartment, we threw it away. I thought that was funny. Our investigators are having some trouble keeping commitments, so were working on that, we may have to drop some, some are really spiritual, and some of the people we work with our less active but they’re on the way back and it is amazing to see.  Temple square is amazing!  Did you see the new city creek center just across the street? It’s a shopping strip the church built and it has a retractable roof!
Hope you guys are well, love you lots!

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