Wednesday, September 5, 2012

William's September 4 Letter

2012 September 4
My week was great. We taught Steven, he is still very interested but the kids, they need some help with their attention spans. But we found a young kid who wants to be baptized and another who accepted a date, and we have an appointment today!  Another guy is working on meeting with us and we got an appointment with a family, the daughter is interested, just busy busy people. We have a couple people coming out of the wood work.  It’s been fun. What mission in Texas? I have a friend that lives in Huston and he goes home soon his name is Elder Maw.
It’s cool to here that Caden got his call and is preparing to serve. One thing at the MTC go to the wrap bar, best place ever.
Typically we do our studies, practice for investigators, have lunch, and go make visits in wards, go to dinner and then go to our appointments, or vise verse as it depends when people schedule, kinda fluid how it goes. P-days are bouncy I usually just email, shop and maybe play a board game with someone or sports but it’s hardly ever set in stone, and can be more a stress day then a prep day.
I found out I am allergic to Utah mosquitos. Funny huh?  I have a little cold to but it’s going away. I enjoy your letters love you lots!

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