Tuesday, December 4, 2012

William's November 27 Letter

Thanksgiving was good..... I can't eat as much as I use too. I was full on the first plate and I haven't been able to eat very much since. But it was good we spent most of the day with the Montgomery’s and that was a good time. We had opportunity and talked with their family. The past week has been good, although our investigators haven't come to church we have many many referrals and just need to get out and visit and we will have a plethora of work. We had the experiences of teaching ward councils and the young men; we have seen a lot of good success from this. The wards are refocusing on the work, both stake presidents our very good about missionary work. We have had good talks from general authorities giving encouragement and motivation, and both gave talks on the overwhelming importance of the work and gave it to the stake to prepare to serve a mission young and old and gave them the charge, the best way to prepare is to help now. I found that exciting. We received many referrals since, very good week.

My favorite part of the week though was exchanges back to West Ogden , I was with Elder Green and we had a great time together teaching and I even got a chance to say hi to a lot of my friends; they are doing well and a lot of old investigators our doing well.... although some still won't quit smoking 

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