Tuesday, July 31, 2012

William's July 31 Letter

2012 July 31
My week was good we have two kids getting baptized with their little sister this Saturday, set up to get a lesson with our other potentials, and found someone who wants to get the Melchizedek priesthood,  we played football today and a had a great time.  Talked with a lot of people about the church, oh and we found a man who is trying to come back to church he is a great guy. Tonga (an elder I live with who has only been out for a few weeks) is teaching me guitar too, and my bike was acting up so I crashed a lot, and then I switched to another bike that we had just repaired, and the peddle fell off, so we’re back to walking; it is ridiculously hot!  I was just sitting in the garage and I was soaked by my own sweat.  I like how the work is going and it is good to hear Dustin is home and settling in. Hope you all are doing well. Love you lots!

William's July 25 Letter

2012 July 25
I can't think right now I read the last part of this letter and need time to recover.
Don't worry about the last one; it was just an out loud thought. Any way this week was fun, July is like fire work month, every city takes it so they light them of all month till the 24, we walked in the parade with President Hiers, and I was part of a group that did the Hakka, which was fun. We all have served around Ogden, so we saw a bunch of people we knew. I saw a lot of my mission friends, we went home played a game (killer Bunnies) it was fun, but I was tired and everything was closed! So we had to go back, and our lesson's fell through, so 24 was fun. Our investigators are working on things, but we need to have an official lesson with them and we can set a date. Its slow, but the work is exhilarating, Maynes is not my greenie, I am finishing the twelve week program with him. We having good success, just wish there was more. Since being in Clinton I have had a lot of cool experiences, we tracted all our town homes, and went through the list but this four man house makes it hard to get the planning done.
We ran a 5 K, it was cool we got a t-shirt, but I walked most of it.  Sorry I couldn't write longer emails it was a bad timing thing. Just super busy, anyway, our work is good and I know the Lord’s hand is in it,.....
So Dustin is getting married soon? That’s cool.......... just a joke because James and Jordan got married in like 3 months.  Love you lots!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

William's July 17 Letter

2012 July 17
My week was good; we have lessons set up and working with some new people. My companion is Elder Maynes from Mesa Arizona.  We had a good time teaching, and we are getting along. The house is packed, 4 elders two are greenies so it’s exiting, but the area is a little slow. I got a lot going on right now. I hope we get some fruit soon. Well love you lots!

Friday, July 13, 2012

William's July 10 Letter

2012 July 10
My week was busy; we had so much to do.  We were asked to do something by a zone at the beginning of transfers but we got it done yesterday because we are so busy. But we finally have some work going and I hope it brings fruit, we found a girl from Hawaii, and ran into some farmers and because of the situation the dad is no longer there and the windows are much more open. We went to an ice cream place, a girl got dear Janed by her missionary, I let Elder Goodrick talk because I got my ice cream and she just wanted to talk so, but I hope she resolved it, she was the girl (friend) that sent packages, letters, you know the one that makes everyone else hate the one getting them. Any ways we went with the family I mentioned and had a good talk, things are looking up. I am staying in Clinton and am getting a new companion.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

William's July 3 Letter

2012 July 3
I am still in the Utah Ogden mission under president Heirs, haven’t met him yet. We had a hard week not a whole lot going on. But we picked up and new investigator, she is from Ogden, We are excited to teach her, um I don't know how it will go. Our boundaries stop at Layton, we can't go to Layton or any farther south, but Laura may meet some of my friends who were sent down to the Salt Lake mission. It’s been fun this transfer but I hope it goes better next; it’s strange it’s going so fast; I am going to be home soon. It’s just weird how it’s accelerating, any way love you all lots!