Tuesday, April 10, 2012

William's April 3 Letter

2012 April 3
Our week, it was great! We had Ray and Johnny, two investigators, at priesthood on the balcony, and several other RC's and investigators at all the sessions except Sunday morning. it was a stressful, fun but it all came together in the end. We had fun with a friend of Gingrich's who brought up a game he wanted us to play it was complicated but fun, he gave us a ride to conference on Saturday, after we failed to get lunch, but all in all it was great we had all our questions answered and I hope some of our investigators a less actives watched cause it blew their concern out of the water!! Well I have enjoyed bountiful a lot and the zone is great, it’s weird to think about how long I have left (I don't do it often) but when we put it in terms of transfers to figure the mission split, it seems a ridicules short time :(, but IT's going to be fun every step of the way! I loved the talks in conference especially the prophet's, he is a great man. Love you lots!

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