Tuesday, March 27, 2012

William's March 27 Letter

2012 March 27
He he.. I can see the airport from my area!! and I will be attending almost every session of General Conference, and my friend Elder Medvetski might be organist for priesthood session! My week was great, we baptized President Monson’s cousin's cousin’s step granddaughter! Sort of a roundabout thing but still fun, she was very persistent with her grandma to get baptized. Her grandma won’t go to church but she believes the gospel one hundred percent, just doesn’t like dealing with people at church. We taught MAK the other day ( he is 16 his mom is an ESPEN reporter, so if you can watch the NCAA women’s final four, she will be on and he’ll be there.) March Madness is great! I can't watch it at all and I got into basketball with Heintz. But that’s ok. Gingrich and I are having fun, we got so many lessons and are working on baptism for some people, we are helping a  man,  Exiting, well other than that nothing really exiting happened, oh Gingrich lost his planner! Not good so that wasn't fun we spent all day looking for it! Never found it, but we recovered and our doing fine now. love you lots .....

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