Wednesday, October 10, 2012

William's October 9 Letter

2012 October 9
Conference was a great time; I went to all of the Saturday sessions. Spent all day in Salt Lake, interesting, we either walked around temple square or the city creek mall, for lunch and dinner. The square is very nice and spiritual, I thought Pres. Uchtdorf's talk was really good about how things may be different in some regards such as a wards being different but they are all the same in their purpose. And the talk about selling your soul for a nickel, I hope some of our investigators saw it and apply it. My week was very good. We had lessons, some cancelled we received some referrals and have been working on getting into houses. The stake president is helping us a lot, and my companion and I get along very well. He’s a funny guy. The most talked about thing down here from conference is the age requirement changes. It’s made its way to the news. It's exciting to hear about. There is a priest who turned 18 this week; he said he is filling out his papers now. And to see the reaction in the conference center was great, it set the tone for the other talks which focused on missionaries, it was good conference.
Love you all lots!

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