Saturday, June 30, 2012

William's June 26 Letter

2012 June 26
My week has been busy with the mission split and a lot of my friends going. It’s been hard.  We had the last of Elder Lunt's firesides or ones President will be at, they are so amazing.  We’re getting a new president and I can't go see Ray and Johnny any more, but I got to see them all today. We are emailing really late this last p-day cause of all the mission split parties that went on today. We had a lesson at a family’s house, they lived in Spokane and are going up for a month or two to spend time with their grandma, down hazard road, it’s the same way I’d take to get to Jeff’s house when I was at Jodi’s  I think, or it sounds the same. But it was cool to find that out not so cool that we can't teach them until they get back and they really want to get baptized here otherwise I’d send the missionaries up there. We had our last mission conference with President, Jon Schmidt came and performed live as a departing gift, it was amazing! We TALKED a little bit, he is a high counselor over Ray's ward, so that was fun to touch base again, I met John Bytheway, again, he told me how he got into the fireside thing, which I think was neat. We haven’t had a good solid lesson in a while but we’re working on referrals, I’m throwing a party with the Whites on Thursday for Garrett and Flake! Lunt too, he is a great elder he put on the musical firesides, they were all super spiritual, after the last one elder Medvetski played phantom of the opera and a sister sang the girls part, and Bridston just came in with the guys, it was so epic (and I am using it appropriately this time) all in all I had a good week, just a little sad at the coming of the split that’s all.

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