Tuesday, May 8, 2012

William's May 8 Letter

2012 May 8
I was going to call you, around 5 your time, I’ll call tomorrow and make an appointment more official, I just want to overlap with Dustin really, have everyone else be there or on the phone since they ditched on Christmas.  Any way to more important things
My week was great, we lost Elder Bohana so we only cover one stake now and there are only two of us.  One of our investigators is getting really close to baptism and she is so funny, she told us she wanted to tell us that she was thinking about it, before her boyfriend got there cause she wants it to be more personal (sorry for the atrocious grammar)
We still walk but I only have one blister! I feel lots better physically, and we our getting along swimmingly as companions and everything is going great! Yesterday we were followed by a dog a whole block so we brought it back and talk with his owner, cool guy less active but he's trying. We have had lot of disappointment lately but it’s great for otherwise, we just need to motivate our investigators and ward mission leaders, Auxiliaries and general member but other than that...
So cool Cam is getting married! It’s so exciting to see covenants made like that!  Love you guys’ lots!
Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to Jordan and to any one I forgot.

 Basement Apartment
The dog that followed us

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