Tuesday, December 4, 2012

William's December 4 Letter

This week was, very good, we haven't had baptism but a lot of lessons. We are having trouble getting some people committed and a lot of other people aren't able too. But most are excited about the gospel. We have been working really hard. We have been helping a lot with the wards visiting and teaching them. Funny enough not reserved to the Relief Society.
They all seem to enjoy it. We get a lot of referrals thought. Visiting those who are potentially interested, and it’s so much fun helping them. I got to talk to Tyson Sunday; his wife's grand parents live in my area! So that was fun. We got a Christmas tree up!  Full size one that we decorated ourselves! It took a long time because we had to put the bows on one by one and I was super intelligent and did top to  bottom...... this is said in a sarcastic tone. We deliver Christmas messages a lot and have been encouraged to be familiar with the church's Christmas special on Mormon dot org. I miss you all lots!

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