Tuesday, March 27, 2012

William's March 27 Letter

2012 March 27
He he.. I can see the airport from my area!! and I will be attending almost every session of General Conference, and my friend Elder Medvetski might be organist for priesthood session! My week was great, we baptized President Monson’s cousin's cousin’s step granddaughter! Sort of a roundabout thing but still fun, she was very persistent with her grandma to get baptized. Her grandma won’t go to church but she believes the gospel one hundred percent, just doesn’t like dealing with people at church. We taught MAK the other day ( he is 16 his mom is an ESPEN reporter, so if you can watch the NCAA women’s final four, she will be on and he’ll be there.) March Madness is great! I can't watch it at all and I got into basketball with Heintz. But that’s ok. Gingrich and I are having fun, we got so many lessons and are working on baptism for some people, we are helping a  man,  Exiting, well other than that nothing really exiting happened, oh Gingrich lost his planner! Not good so that wasn't fun we spent all day looking for it! Never found it, but we recovered and our doing fine now. love you lots .....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

William's March 20 Letter

2012 March 20
My week has been great.  We baptized and confirmed a little girl from Vietnam. She was very excited to find out about the gospel. One of our investigators is in Italy for the week but he will be baptized when he gets back. We are teaching an excommunicated member, he is very desires to return. We have two investigators who are showing progress and I have become very good friends with them. We talked with one of the authors of “Preach my Gospel”. He wanted suggestions on how it could be improved.  It was very difficult to come up with anything! We came up with some physical flaws, that would make the book last longer but other than that the book is amazing and should be used in every way as much as scripture...... it teaches principles of the gospel that when understood improve every aspect of your life. It is a mazing.  I have had a fun week and most of the activities I participate in are athletic. We might go bowling today but I am not sure if we will go. Love you lots!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

William's March 13 Letter

2012 March 13
(What did you mean when you said: "We taught the Plan of Salvation and he was of by terms and that was it, so it was great lesson." ? )Oh, our investigator is 18 and he is from Guam and he told us the plan of salvation using a different language for everything, but was dead on.
MY week has been good we have had good lessons, super spiritual. But I’ve been sick so we haven't been able to do the work we have wanted to.  We spent time bonding, he’s really cool, and we get along really good. I can't send pictures because my cameras dead and I can't find my charger!!!  It’s not good. We had party yesterday for my birthday and year mark it was fun the whole zone came! But I still haven't gotten a package yet, which is odd, it should be here. But it’s all good. We are having good success and we could be setting up some investigators this week so that’s good, and I really like my zone! Bountiful and North Salt Lake are amazing! It could be better if I didn’t have to deal with four stakes but, it is a small price for such a great environment. Love you lots!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

William's March 6 Letter

2012 March 6
(How are your suits holding up?) The brown one is a little snug but I have the gray one and two other ones that are fine. There is a gym in the area we go to so I should be fine by the end of the transfer. We found out that the mission will be splitting to create a new Salt Lake mission! I am in Bountiful (Val Verda and north Salt Lake) so it affects me but it won’t happen till July so who knows what will happen if I go to the new one or stay in Ogden, either way it’s a new mission president so it’s whatever but there will be a change, we have a date with two new investigators a Vietnamese girl and a 16 year old who is pretty solid as well as our friend down here who is from Guam.  He’s fun and he has the spirit.  We taught the Plan of Salvation and he was of by terms and that was it, so it was great lesson. Oh what is Jaimmie's email I have something exiting to tell her that no one else ... well maybe Mariah, would be excited about. Anyway it’s been an excellent week, my new companion is Elder Gingrich, he is cool also Elder Glowzine is in our zone so that will be fun, he is from Germany. Elder Sanrome is here from the Philippines, he fun. The new apartment is amazing.  I need to send pictures, next time, I forgot the cord :( but I'll send some good ones next week.) Happy birthday Mariah!! Love you all very much!