Wednesday, November 30, 2011

William's November 29 Letter

2011 November 29
Actually scratch the quilt. I want the usual stocking stuff, yea know Wheat Thins, easy cheese and chocolate fruit orange or lime. I know I said no candy but tradition is more important. And I need a sweater vest because it blows hard and my chest gets cold fast. And I want pictures of Christmas! Oh and we have to decide when to call so me and Dustin can call and talk to each other too. I was also thinking if we had all our friends on missions call at the same time in the same place! But if not I'll call with Dustin.
My investigators are fine, well mostly. One girl’s guardians are so screwed in priority I am astonished. She is ready for baptism but they just don't plan on it. They ground her from church! She does need to do her homework but still she needs baptism more. Course they’re less active. Any way the family we are teaching is progressing slowly but surely. We picked one up this week, he just needs time to feel ready and harry just needs to quit smoking! He’s more active than half the stake, and would have been baptized years ago if the missionaries had been smart! Oh well they learned from it so I guess it wasn't a waste.  Hopefully we will be here to ensure his baptism. Well, Edna, she is ready she just needs to go to church three times and she can be baptized, she is older than grandpa and has done everything; she's a nurse and could be a doctor if she didn’t think that was superfluous at her age. She knew several of the presidents, sang for lots of them, was acquainted with Elvis and has connections all over the places. She is an amazing woman. And Alyssa we are going to have dinner with her and her father and step mom and make sure she’s been going to church, and hopefully commit her to baptism.
It seems that we need to work harder, I fell back into my green ways because , well Zachreson was my second companion so it was just habit, but we our working with improvements and are making excellent progress. Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

William's November 22 Letter

2011 November 22
First off the class doesn’t start until December, but my companion will take it with me. Our week was good, we had a lesson with a family, taught the plan of salvation and the dad was excited because he had a vision about it but didn’t know really how to describe parts of it. We made plans for thanksgiving and, we have a date for this Saturday andthe17th, it's great.  We are teaching a girl who really wants to know a lot and is getting ready for baptism, her dad is going to too, he just doesn't know it yet. We are going to commit him soon. Utah is so funny, we see advertisement s for baptism cloths, and ads use variations of famous scriptures, local ads any way. It’s fun to pick them out. We have a lesson with a man who we don't know why he’s not baptized.  For Christmas, well I want you to wrap everything separately so I can open it. I think pens are nice, maybe a quilt with a star in the middle of a blue circle in the middle of a red circle in the middle of a white circle in the middle of a bigger red circle.  No candy, unless it's candy corn. Basically food stuff is out cause I can get that, way too easily. Things I could use on my mission, I am trying to think. Stuff I would like, things that I can take with me place to place but doesn’t take up too much space, yeah know? But if I just get a whole bunch of small stuff in different wrappings that will be great, my usual list is shot because I don't need any of it and can't have half of it. I have wanted some wrestling shoes but I don't know when I'd use them, but there in East Bay catalog Asics they’re red and silver. Really I don't know just send me pictures of the whole thing and that will be good too.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

William's November 15th Letter

2011 November 15
My week was good. I made pizza for the family we live with. We got some new investigators, and had a marvelous time at church. We got a new car, the newest car in the mission, so we're excited for that. We've had a great time this transfer.  We have had good successes. I like this area, although Ogden is different then other places, lots of people have been bringing up what I want to do after the mission, and I don't know! They are so strange down here in Utah. Not bad but everyone is interested in how long you’ve been out and if you’re under a year it’s like you have forever to go, and if your over its right around the corner. I started say I was close to a year out, and everyone wants to know what I am doing when I get home even though I have a long time! So I am going to tell them 8 months again. It's nice to be with Elder Zachreson again, president wants me to take a social skills class, so I agreed to do it. It should be fun to take, it's once a week through December. There was something else.... well I can't remember. A stupor of thought has caused that. But everyone loved the BBQ chicken pizza I made. Our apartment is small but nice; I live up above the garage. ha ha ha ha. The apartment is above the member’s garage and pool house. I feel sorry for the elders who are here during the summer. Oh and I discovered the DI is amazing! I love you guys lots and I’ll send you pictures when I get my cera back.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

William's November 8th Letter

2011 November 8th
My week is good, we had fun playing football and we have lessons all week, we had to turn our car in for repair today so we are without it for a few days. um Elder Zacherson is still fun and we've been doing really good. We have lots of lessons this week, but it’s the people in Ogden are so unreliable, it’s much different from the other places I've been, but there our miracles here. Over all things our amazing and I can see the work we are doing's benefits. Love you lots.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

William's November 1st Letter

November 1, 2011
Well we serve in west Ogden, which is a farm area, and we only cover a small portion of Ogden ,so it’s not right in the city, my knee was sprained so I just am supposed to go easy on it for a few weeks and it should be fine. I hope I never have to go into the actual big city, because I don't know I just don't like it much. That will probably change though. Sorry I don't have time to reply to all your emails, but I will next week!