Tuesday, December 6, 2011

William's December 6th Letter

2011 December 6, 2011
My week has been great. We have had excellent lessons. We had dinner with an investigator the lesson after was excellent, she just needs to go to church three times with her dad and they both can be baptized. Another one should be baptized this week; hopefully he will stay active after words. His family isn't the most spiritual, although they cleaned their house this last week so it's easier to feel the spirit. we have to get some other ones in the family to get the importance, his family gets that it's good but the dad is (step dad) helpful in getting him to church. The family we are teaching can feel the spirit, although they think the house is possessed. But they will be baptized soon if we can extend a commitment. Other than that most of them are looking up in prospects and circumstance. We have had fun helping our land lord put up lights, and we had a wind storm, 80 miles an hour in some places “weber state university" was bad, they had 5 people hospitalized for it, and windows broke, it was bad, luckily we had mission conference that day and we were all fine. It's been fun; Zachreson is moving, I am getting Elder Daily. He sounds good but I don't know him that well. I think it's been amazing.
Love you lots.

We saw the sheriffs’ office break open a door to investigate a crime. ... We picked up a phone someone dropped and well it seems that it might be evidence or something. We were confused at first but they let us go. We had just got out of a lesson and were walking to the car, we picked up a phone on our way to the car and we tried to call the owner but the battery died and the bill wasn’t paid so we called the number saved as mom. My companion talked to her, and then we watched the sheriff investigation.  we walked up to them and they asked us questions and told us we were good and thanked us then told us we could go home. So that was our most interesting thing about the week.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

William's November 29 Letter

2011 November 29
Actually scratch the quilt. I want the usual stocking stuff, yea know Wheat Thins, easy cheese and chocolate fruit orange or lime. I know I said no candy but tradition is more important. And I need a sweater vest because it blows hard and my chest gets cold fast. And I want pictures of Christmas! Oh and we have to decide when to call so me and Dustin can call and talk to each other too. I was also thinking if we had all our friends on missions call at the same time in the same place! But if not I'll call with Dustin.
My investigators are fine, well mostly. One girl’s guardians are so screwed in priority I am astonished. She is ready for baptism but they just don't plan on it. They ground her from church! She does need to do her homework but still she needs baptism more. Course they’re less active. Any way the family we are teaching is progressing slowly but surely. We picked one up this week, he just needs time to feel ready and harry just needs to quit smoking! He’s more active than half the stake, and would have been baptized years ago if the missionaries had been smart! Oh well they learned from it so I guess it wasn't a waste.  Hopefully we will be here to ensure his baptism. Well, Edna, she is ready she just needs to go to church three times and she can be baptized, she is older than grandpa and has done everything; she's a nurse and could be a doctor if she didn’t think that was superfluous at her age. She knew several of the presidents, sang for lots of them, was acquainted with Elvis and has connections all over the places. She is an amazing woman. And Alyssa we are going to have dinner with her and her father and step mom and make sure she’s been going to church, and hopefully commit her to baptism.
It seems that we need to work harder, I fell back into my green ways because , well Zachreson was my second companion so it was just habit, but we our working with improvements and are making excellent progress. Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

William's November 22 Letter

2011 November 22
First off the class doesn’t start until December, but my companion will take it with me. Our week was good, we had a lesson with a family, taught the plan of salvation and the dad was excited because he had a vision about it but didn’t know really how to describe parts of it. We made plans for thanksgiving and, we have a date for this Saturday andthe17th, it's great.  We are teaching a girl who really wants to know a lot and is getting ready for baptism, her dad is going to too, he just doesn't know it yet. We are going to commit him soon. Utah is so funny, we see advertisement s for baptism cloths, and ads use variations of famous scriptures, local ads any way. It’s fun to pick them out. We have a lesson with a man who we don't know why he’s not baptized.  For Christmas, well I want you to wrap everything separately so I can open it. I think pens are nice, maybe a quilt with a star in the middle of a blue circle in the middle of a red circle in the middle of a white circle in the middle of a bigger red circle.  No candy, unless it's candy corn. Basically food stuff is out cause I can get that, way too easily. Things I could use on my mission, I am trying to think. Stuff I would like, things that I can take with me place to place but doesn’t take up too much space, yeah know? But if I just get a whole bunch of small stuff in different wrappings that will be great, my usual list is shot because I don't need any of it and can't have half of it. I have wanted some wrestling shoes but I don't know when I'd use them, but there in East Bay catalog Asics they’re red and silver. Really I don't know just send me pictures of the whole thing and that will be good too.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

William's November 15th Letter

2011 November 15
My week was good. I made pizza for the family we live with. We got some new investigators, and had a marvelous time at church. We got a new car, the newest car in the mission, so we're excited for that. We've had a great time this transfer.  We have had good successes. I like this area, although Ogden is different then other places, lots of people have been bringing up what I want to do after the mission, and I don't know! They are so strange down here in Utah. Not bad but everyone is interested in how long you’ve been out and if you’re under a year it’s like you have forever to go, and if your over its right around the corner. I started say I was close to a year out, and everyone wants to know what I am doing when I get home even though I have a long time! So I am going to tell them 8 months again. It's nice to be with Elder Zachreson again, president wants me to take a social skills class, so I agreed to do it. It should be fun to take, it's once a week through December. There was something else.... well I can't remember. A stupor of thought has caused that. But everyone loved the BBQ chicken pizza I made. Our apartment is small but nice; I live up above the garage. ha ha ha ha. The apartment is above the member’s garage and pool house. I feel sorry for the elders who are here during the summer. Oh and I discovered the DI is amazing! I love you guys lots and I’ll send you pictures when I get my cera back.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

William's November 8th Letter

2011 November 8th
My week is good, we had fun playing football and we have lessons all week, we had to turn our car in for repair today so we are without it for a few days. um Elder Zacherson is still fun and we've been doing really good. We have lots of lessons this week, but it’s the people in Ogden are so unreliable, it’s much different from the other places I've been, but there our miracles here. Over all things our amazing and I can see the work we are doing's benefits. Love you lots.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

William's November 1st Letter

November 1, 2011
Well we serve in west Ogden, which is a farm area, and we only cover a small portion of Ogden ,so it’s not right in the city, my knee was sprained so I just am supposed to go easy on it for a few weeks and it should be fine. I hope I never have to go into the actual big city, because I don't know I just don't like it much. That will probably change though. Sorry I don't have time to reply to all your emails, but I will next week!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

William's October 25th Letter

2011 October 25
Hey mom my week was grand, we had lessons up the wasu. I am getting transferred to Ogden; it'll be fun because Zacherson is my companion. I don't have much exiting news, but that, I love you lots!

William's October 18th Letter

2011 October 18
My week was amazing; we have had great success here. Me and Flake are getting along swell! We have a new date and are joining in the YW's 90 Book of Mormon bowl! Which is you read for 15 minutes a day for 90 days! It’s a really cool Idea Sister White had. Thursday we found a new investigator, he is meeting with us because of his girlfriend and his brother who was baptized last year. Elder Barney is going home next week and so is one of the Spanish elders living with us, also a district leader is too, they went to Salt Lake to see the temple there. Me and Flake are on exchanges with their companions today Vaughn is with me, he’s only been out 6 weeks and he is kinda like I was back then. We got a street contact, he wanted to learn about us so I gave him a quick spiel so Elder Vaughn could fill in the gaps, he just smiled and acted like he knew what was going on. So funny, so I answered some of his questions and let Vaughn get his information. I hope he gets somewhere with him, he was sincere about learning. We heard from Paul Cardall, send that part to Jaimie or Jeff apparently he’s a famous pianist, he was amazing but I had never heard of him. We ran out of gas on Sunday, but the tank was refilled just enough so we could get to where were going. It was nice not having to walk from Garland to the other side of Tremonton. Oh yeah I guess I should tell you guys. I twisted my knee playing basketball. It’s not to terribly bad but I am going to the hospital on Wednesday because it’s stiff, sore, achy, and it’s been that way for a week so I guess it is time to see what’s wrong. Don’t worry I haven't been stupid about it I have been letting it rest so it is not permanently damaged. Just thought you should know that.

William's October 11th Letter

2011 October 11
I think it's cool that you have made it to Germany. I hope you have a great time there, my week was exciting. I had fun, got a new investigator, he is very confused he is lucky I know a little about the stuff he is talking about or none of us would have gotten anywhere. But it was a successful lesson. We have had some great things happen, one investigator picked Thanksgiving for baptism. Why on earth they want to wait is beyond me. One left and is now living with his girlfriend. Hopefully we can get the other elders to talk with them. We are having good successes with most investigators. We have bonded quite nicely in the apartment; we got free ice-cream, very good ice-cream! And we decided we'd have a social!Oh we got three kittens living at our apartment right now. And we haven't been able to get rid of them, apparently they disappeared. Hopefully into the outside and where they can cut it, they were still a month from full grown. I think that is the most exciting thing that has happened...... or Brother Carter’s pirate costume, nah the cats are more exiting and also...... I think it is more important. Well I love you guys lots see you soon bye!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

William's October 4th Blog

2011 October 4
We watched it at the whites and the Stephenson’s, both really cool families. I liked the talk on the Bible and Book of Mormon, and President Monson's first talk ... 5 temples in the mission, even though most are under construction. And star valley is amazing! But I got the importance of teaching the youth and building faith and being strong. My week has been good we received new investigators a date, help a ward mission leader with his corn, and made "armor of god". Elder Flake has been really good to work with but we discovered one of our similarities is that neither one of us really wants to be in charge. I will see what I can do about that. hum.. I can't change him.
well we had fun to day we went to Logan and I got Dustin a present (Cut this part out before sending to him) I got him a license plate with his name and a 40 dollar tie (it was only 5 dollars for me) and a bag of Swedish fish, I was thinking about a cowboy hat because that’s what is popular down here but I think I'll find something else for him, if not it's only 12 dollars so maybe. I'll see how much it cost for the Swedish fish to send then decide, if it is too much I'll send the tie and license plate. But it shouldn’t be a problem.( ok delete all that)
We are having good success here, but I am noticing a trace amount of Utah Mormon disease out here. It’s not too bad but it's there and I would like to see it go away completely, but I'll focus on the work and do what I can along the way.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

William's September 27th Letter

2011 September 27
My week was productive! I prepared for my talk, taught lessons and did service splitting wood and building a wall. We had a good time doing all of it. We have had a great time with the Spanish missionaries who live in our apartment; we have a greenie who is a very good Elder.
We taught a lesson on Wednesday and a family gave us some talks. One of them is Hugh B Brown a profile of a prophet. It is an amazing talk. We taught a part member family, they are cool and we enjoy doing it. We read from the Book of Mormon and talk about what it is saying. We are good friends with the wrestling coach and football coach. It’s fun to talk with them, about the sports; they help with referrals and Sister Wise the football coach’s wife gives us haircuts at her salon. We are working with a family to get the daughter baptized, and praying the mom comes around. It has been a good week.
Yes I am still in the garland area; we just live out of town about ten or 15 miles. My talk was good. I gave a pretty good 10 minute talk; it would have been a better one if I hadn’t ran out of room writing it, and less time to fill. I had to get 15 more minutes. That impromptu talk dad taught us saved me, as I was the last speaker! But it was a good time out in the country, and then we came home for a youth conference and refreshments. I ate an incredibly hot pepper the other day, I now know what spicy is. Oh it takes an hour and a half to get to Park Valley.
I have both little journal and a big journal, and a more secular part can be found in my big journal and a mores spiritual part in my little journal. Actually I am behind in my "journal" and need to catch up, I of course have kept detailed or as detailed as I could, record of when the apostles come, but I write so much and have to catch up! The little plates (it was a quote from Nephi) are my mission memory book.
Here is my official statement:
I do well in keeping a record in my journal all though I do miss days and have had to back track, it is good to be detailed in the spiritual accounts of the days, if I miss a day and it was little down to my opinion (important wording here) I make a lesser account of that days proceedings. And if I deem it credible a greater amount, usually on days I have missed, if I do not miss I make a full and rather accurate account of that days proceedings. I find when I write down things of the day I learn more from those experiences. It is important to do this because we need help in remembering such things. And to review those things which strengthen our testimonies of Christ. Now here is the pearl of wisdom I impart, that if we review the days weakness we are strengthened by it, and thus strengthening our testimony.
And if anyone wants details on that they can write me a letter and ask!
ok I don't have much time left but the point is we now know what we are weak in or strong and we can come before God with it and have it strengthened or refined, and that is a testimony builder, oh and mention that Nephi had two journals.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

William's September 20th Letter with Pictures

 2011 September 20
 I have had a great week this week.  We had transfers and I got Elder Flake who is from Camano Island WA. He is a cool guy; I like him a lot so far. We are related threw William Jordan Flake. Every one asks if he is from Snow Flake AZ. I love this area; we had to set up a few lessons and the Spaniards moved in so we moved our desks into our room. We had zone study, and met a lot of auxiliaries, went to ward parties took old fashion pictures, and we cleaned up our books got everything organized and started finding our way around. We have had a few lessons and will be getting new investigators, we have had fun with the new set up, and finally got our drier plugged in, which is good because we have been worried about it. I am giving a talk this Sunday in Park Valley; use Google Earth to find it and see how far away it is from Deweyville where I live now, amazing! I love my mission and have had some great times. I love you lots.  Have a great week!
Elder Divis

 Elder Zacherson and Elder
 Jadin's Baptism
Elder Divis, Cody, Elder Koozer

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

William's September 6th Letter

2011 September 6
My week was great, we had a game of soccer, I scored 2 of the 4 point my team made, and the other team scored a lot more. It was mostly fun though, we had a great baptism on Monday, and we went through a corn maze. Not much else has gone on. Dinner last night, we went to a family’s house, and their grandpa was there. We were all having a good dinner when he reads my tag, then he says grandpa’s name! As it turns out grandpa had been his branch president and had ordained him to the office of Elder, while they were in the marines. It was a cool experience he gave me his info to send to grandpa, but I don't have it because my companions aren’t good at planning or listening to pres. oh well I'll send it next week, it will work out. I can't send any more pictures, and I have to get some from some elders cause I didn’t have my camera I don't have any more exciting things to say, oh we hit a duck, it was funny he wasn't paying attention to us he was looking north, like just checking “okay that ways north so if I go south...” he turns ..." what the heck is.." smack and that is what happened. Oh and next month John Bytheway is speaking to the youth and we were asked to go. Yeah! Mild sarcasm he’s cool but we'll probably just go take a picture with him and leave to get some work done. It’ll be cool any way.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

William's August 30th Letter

Emily's Baptism in July

2011 August 30
My week was good; we had a 2 baptisms and conformations, and lots of lessons. with. An elder had to go home, he'll be gone for six months then come back. He was disappointed when he got the call but he is sure to come back, we haven’t had too many super exciting experiences but it's very nice here in Garland, Utah. Everyone is nice, and we are moving into a nicer apartment in a week or so.
The high school here has a water polo team, the sport seems intense it’s like rugby and wrestling in the water, interesting stuff.
The Holy Ghost is very important, it is a gift of God that is most versatile, he abides with you no matter what and has a lot of uses, he guides you on a path of righteousness, and also to the best choices in life, he will comfort when we are in need of comfort, he teaches us the truth of all things, whether it be the gospel or the answer to a simple question.  He will warn of what is to come, and call to remembrance that which has come. But you must listen to him or he will temporally cease to assist you not leave you just not help you. If ye open your mouth to speak and he fillith it, then speak that which he hath placed there, if you ignore it and try to go on your own path, he will cease to fill your mouth and you will discover your weakness in that moment.  Rely wholly on the Spirit and he will guide you to the Celestial Kingdom. ( I tried to do scripture talk but it was a ramble. The point is, listen to the Spirit and you'll be fine, and if you don't want to you might still be fine, but you’ll probably fall all over yourself)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

William's August 23rd Letter

2011 August 23
This week was good; we talked with Elder Bednar, and Elder Scott! Both very good talks, not what we expected but very nice. Elder Koozer is from California and he has been out 11 months. My apartment is nice but we will be moving soon to a nicer one. We have had great lessons with investigators; all of them are solid for baptism.   I'll send you some pictures, they are really good. I don't have a whole lot to say, but I love you guys!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

William's August 16th Letter

2011 August 16
My week has been fine. We picked up several new dates, all of them are solid. I've been working out every morning, its good exercises. We started teaching a guy who had his records removed when he was 14 and has notice that his life has gone downhill since and is making a comeback. One of the big things he remembers about when he was a member is FHE. So that is very important. We had 3 baptisms on Saturday. At one we met a Sister Pond...... she was very nice and had ties to Kettle Falls by the name of Larry Dickey. So that was fun we could be having dinner with them soon. We also met someone else from Colville, forget her name. It is nice to meet people form back home. We are trying to eat right but it’s not working so well. I am improving though. Love you all lots!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

William's August 9th Letter

Serving with Elder Barney

2011 August 9
My week was awesome. First  day of the new transfer, just  over the mountains from my old
area, we went back to Clarkston for the Martin Harris  pageant, with Bro and Sis. Harris, Sis.
Harris likes puns. She came up with one for our  last name. DIVIS A MINUTE, it is clever, but it
got old fast.  The pageant was good; I enjoyed it quite a bit. We go to the gym every day
and lift, I am a lot weaker then I was in high school. Hopefully I will be here long enough to
get in  shape. The area is bigger in geographical terms, but there are only 2 stakes. We
have had a few lessons this week, and 3 baptisms coming up, little kids and we just picked
up a new gator who is set on baptism and temple marriage, they’re going to wait the year
after... we think that will make chastity hard but her and her boyfriend (prospective fiancé)
don't live together, and her mom said she’d pay for tuition if she didn't get married, so we’ll
see what happens. We went to a lesson where atravelling saleswoman (door to door) lives.
She was African American, and she was a hoot! Wish I placed one with her. She was selling
a do it all organic no acidic cleaner, it really works good, my companion Elder Koozer almost
opened a bottle and would of had to buy it! Oh man I would have laughed. I like this area a
lot. Our dl came over Monday so we could go to Logan together, now we are
here and have no way to get back..... yet. Pray for us!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

William's August 2nd Letter

2011 August 2nd
I am getting transferred to Garland, over the mountains. My week was great, we had lessons with everyone, had a baptism on Wednesday, it was great. Thursday we had a splits with Garet it was great.  I’m going to say good bye to everyone here. We had a lesson with a Spanish family, only the dad, and the Spirit was so strong. They will get baptized, the mother was unsure, but felt good, and the father told her, do it if you feel it is right. They are and excellent family.  Oh yeah and we caught the goat we've been trying to get.
Sorry I will send pictures when I have the usb cord. I don't today, but I have a sweet one of us getting taken out by the attack dog!
Thanks for the pictures you sent, love you lots.
The gospels true!
See in 19 months and 5 days!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

William's July 26th Letter

2011 July 26
My week was sweet, we had a lesson with Sam, and one with Sena, and we have a lesson today. We had some on Monday, none on Friday because it’s a holiday here. We tried to catch a goat but failed then we did service in cove. Today we had fun we got attacked by dogs!! It was so cool, got it on camera, I'll send you pictures!
I love teaching, we have a family that just needs to confirm that it is true and they will be baptized! It’s awesome. I love my whole area, so much potential, love you lots!

William's July 19th Letter

2011 July 19th
My week was exiting. We went on exchanges, on Wednesday, it was cool.   I went with Elder Tutt who is from Kennewick in the tri cities. He’s sweet Egyptian descent. He’s training a new elder form Wyoming. The kid is, well into his twenties but he’s crazy! Well cowboy crazy but he is cool. Elder Z and I went to dlt or district leader training it was cool. We had fun; I spent time with Elder Franklin. He served in the army as an analyst for 4 years, originally from Arizona; he is serving from Anchorage Alaska. Friday we had an exciting day of lessons; we are teaching a Native American guy.  He showed us some cool tricks and talk about herbs and how the tea bag lesson worked. He’s pretty cool but I think he'll have trouble with the word of wisdom, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there, I still working with Sena, could have gone on Sunday but Z wanted to get to dinner and afterwards we went to a home teaching to do some mission work. Monday there was a training in Ogden, so I went on exchanges with Elder Franklin, the other dl left his phone with us, so we had both phones, and a car but neither of us can drive it! So we took the bus to Smithfield, tracted and met some cool old guys who showed us some really corny stuff. I’ll show you when I get home. But we got back had to go to dinner then went to cove not too far away but we were supposed to go to Clarkston, where the Martin Harris pageant will be held next week some time, which is a half hour away. Had a lesson cancel, and were unable to go to another. So we weren’t too happy. Since we couldn't call Elder Zacherson we were worried. He finally called us and at 7:45 he was in Logan a half hour away. Just a crazy week, but I've been practicing focus and it is helping and president hasn't said anything so I guess I am fine. Love you all lots!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

William's July 12th Letter

2011 July 12
My week was good; we had a baptism on Saturday. We will have one this Saturday and everything is looking good. We missed one appointment, I was sad about that because the guy is really cool.  We need to set some new thing s up with investigators but that will be good. Hope camp is fun. We went hiking today, it was fun.  We found a tube cave so we climbed up it to the other side. It was fun, but exhausting. I love my mission and hope to have as much success as possible. Don’t watch captain America until I get home... that is for Jordan and James and the like.  Actually I don't care just don't say anything about it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

William's July 5th Letter

We had a great week, we got 2 new investigators, one was not serious about it felt bad and dropped us, the other is really excited to get baptized and can hardly wait, we taught her a few times and we have been looking to find other people. We had fun on the 4th we went to Lewiston to watch fireworks. It was fun especially since we have a Samoan who buys professional grade fireworks. They were loud, it scared the landlady’s dog and it came down to us. It took forever to get here back up to here kennel. We painted our room because we found mold. It took us two days. But we still were able to get lessons done and do more service. We planted some trees for some members, on a steep hill with dry hard rocky earth, Or at least where I was, everyone else had finished when I finally got deep enough to say I started. Our investigators are doing good I am going to call Sena and set up an appointment with her, it will be fun. Love you all lots!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

William's June 28th Letter

2011 June 28
My new companion is Elder Zacherson, and his pretty cool, a little different then Barney but Ii like him. Elder Campbell was an elder in our district that I really liked; he was like Jordan only he liked to sing and is good at it. I have been eating very good, apples mangos, bread, fish, and been sleeping very well. I have had a great week, got a new investigator, 2, both set for baptism.  Some of our other investigators aren't meeting with us but are still interested in baptism and want to do it. I hope everyone had a good time at camp and that Tori had a good wedding, and all there rest of it. It’s been fun, we talked to lots of people and it’s fun to get to know them. Thanks for everything you guys do for me, love you lots!!! And can you see how James and Joe are doing? They’re me Logan and Jared’s friends. They had it tuff this last year I'd like to know how things are going for them. Oh and the mission address changed, I don't have it with me..... This is sad, because I have it in my planer. But I will send something with it on it.
I have had some one ask what web site I got my suit from; he's going on a mission and thinks it would be great to have a washable suit. Have great week!
Love every one!!
 Elder Barney and Elder Divis
Austin's Baptism

William just sent these pictures but they are from when he first got to Richmond.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

William's June 21st Letter

2011 June 21
My week was great, we didn’t get any baptisms’, but we have a lot of potential and were going to look into that this week, one of our investigators had her baby and is moving into their new home soon.  I’m getting a new companion; Elder Barney is being transferred to Bountiful.  And Campbell is going to north Ogden. We picked up a Mexican family, the dad speaks very little English but we have a RM who served a Spanish speaking mission and he translates for us.  A lot of people are sad to see Barney go. I am having lots of fun out here with my investigator’s learning. It’s great to see progress!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

William's June 14th Letter

2011 June 14
My weeks been great, I had exchanges with the oldest missionary in the zone, he’s cool. We contacted some big families for referrals, but I spent 70 dollars! in one day. It was ridicules! I am never shopping there again. But I found the dollar tree here, so I go shopping there for groceries and spend a lot less money. Our car is having troubles; we got most things taken care of but we still need to fix the door handle.  We went back to the Kline’s, they’re born again Christian, and basically they ask the same three questions over and over and over and over. I was getting dizzy seeing as I answered all of them six times and they agreed with all my answers!!! It’s weird, we started teaching a Spanish family, the Spanish elders have dropped of the map so to speak, so we told the WML since he speaks Spanish, and the father of the family only speaks a little English, to translate for him, the daughter has adamant they’re catholic so the dad doesn’t know about baptism yet and the wife won't go without him, but he believes the first vision, he just needs to pray. Eli is avoiding us again, but that’s ok we have his address now. So we'll see what’s up there. We were going to train some priests on their campout but we couldn't get a ride so that fell through.  We missed the chance to go and fix the car well, the place was closed, but we are having success with Harold, he knows it's true he just need to read the Book of Mormon and pray!  We are going to set up with the Cisines soon, they’re less active, and I wish they weren’t. He gave us each one of his dads ties, so that they would be worn. They are excellent ties.
Sunday was hectic we had correlation in Smithfield, then a lesson in Lewiston then a lesson in Richmond! It was a lot of work, it was nice to just sit down and take the sacrament. Then we had correlation in Benson then back to Richmond, then we had a nice dinner, and went on splits. Oh yeah I met some Chipman’s down here, in Lewiston their ancestor settled American Fork, just wondering if were related, oh and some Bennett’s in Clarkston.
We are training a new ward mission leader and had a lesson in Benson and ate dinner. We went on splits I went with Bradien Hablin(incidentally he is featured in Napoleon,) to Clarkston and had  great time up there, we headed home my comp was late so we went to pig jays, were the movie was or part of it was filmed, and to some shacks and waited but he was teaching the Spanish family so it was all good. Oh and Sena had her baby girl Sariah on her birth day! yeah, and hopefully she will be baptized asap. She just had a struggle with segertsm but it should be easier now that she has moved out into her own place.
Love Elder Divis!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

William's June 7th Letter

The weeks been good, we had excitement. I met some Chipman's up here in Lewiston. Wonder how we're related, some Lungrines don't live far from me and we had lunch at the Somen families house. Sunday we had a lesson with an 8 year old, and working on getting people baptized. It’s good work. We cleaned on p day and we didn’t get to go out. Elder Barney was sick on Friday, we couldn't leave, but he's gotten better. Thursday we had splits with Tutt, we had good time, looking for people. Saturday we got some new forms. District meeting was fun.  Oh we get 120 for the whole month, I needed food and allergy meds but I got some. The work here in RICHMOND is great!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

William's May 31st Letter

My week has been good, we are worried about flooding.  I’m out of money and cereal wouldn’t you know it. But it’s been fun out here.  We have a lot of Native Americans to teach and some are stubborn that their religion is better, because its older... they don't get it yet. Cause they haven’t prayed! But others are more receptive but harder to catch. Yesterday we went and talked to Jeff he’s doing good, he's still "dyeing" he has a heart problem that affects his breathing, I don't remember what it’s called. We lost a date but we have two this weekend! Yes! and we’re working on others. On Sunday I met some hard core trekies! ,star wars and battle star. But it was awesome they had home made light saber  that look like the originals, and legit Jedi robes! It was awesome! We got lost after wards though but that’s fine now I won't again. Monday we had lunch at someone’s BBQ! It was so good, and they gave us leftovers! A whole pie!! SO WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT GROCERIES THIS WEEK! which is great. Saturday we did, lots of work, I can't remember what because I’m not sure if it was Friday or Saturday we got no it was Friday, ok we had Dm on Wednesday, and then we had exchanges Thursday, our slow day. Oh Elder Garite knocked my ice cream cone out of my hand on accident and he is totally flipping out about it still! Dead set on buying me a new one, crazy. I went on exchanges with him, it was fun, found out he was a bully and that’s why he was freaking out, he used to do that on purpose and he didn’t want to remember. Any way exchanges were fun, but we spent the night in north Logan, their apartment is as cool as are ours, but with less insulation, and I was next to the window with a sheet! I was freezing the whole time! But then we went home to our nice warm beds. We have the nicest apartment in the area. Heated and has all kinds of lazy boys in it, I love the work, its great! I'll send some pictures. Have a great time!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

William's May 24th Letter

2011 May 24
Yeah, there is a little flooding, seems weird. Do you know where your water is coming from?
My week has been fun. I met some people from Spokane, they actually know where I am from, they have family up there, and one is the nephew of Benny. You know the guy who owns Bennys?  It’s cool out here though, we had a great week I finished my puzzle, picked up a few dates, went in a parade and placed over 300 pass-along cards! That’s over 300 contacts! It was awesome!! Oh yeah let Mariah know that ocarina is being re done. I am not positive on this as I am on my mission and its second hand information. We go on splits as often as possible. We try for 6 a week. Yeah I take pictures on p day and baptisms. We are having good success here but not.
Sorry left some stuff out, any way it’s not all fun and games, there are some setbacks, like people back out. Apart from that it’s cool. I mean our entire zone contacted one guy! sweeet! We gave him a blessing and made his day

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

William's May 17th Letter

2011 May 17
Senior projects are do?? I’ve been gone that long? Wow, tell them to tell me what they did!
Anyway this last week I had a crazy experience:’ “ ex" wanted to say Book of Mormon had no evidence of existence and that we believe Jesus was born in the city of Jerusalem. My split got heated and the spirit went right out the door, not literally obviously. But we got some new investigators who tried to convert us to the born-again Christians, basically they said we believe as you do but we don't think your right. More complex but nice. We had the last new member lesson with Austin. Now it's p day, yeah.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

William's May 10th Letter

2011 May 10
My week has been great. Sunday was very free, every one cancelled correlation meeting, but we picked up some one to teach.  We went on splits early on Saturday and just tracted Smithfield, met some interesting people and got commitments to invite. And then we got some info on some potential investigators. Friday we did weekly planning and then had some appointments.  We went and some were not there and we couldn’t do what we wanted to, I think we went to teach someone new but I can't remember. But we got to teach one of our investigators who we couldn't get a hold of for a week, and then we split and taught separate lessons. But it was good I was going with a priest he seemed nervous but he drove us around, we went through our list fast cause no one was home. So we had lots of time left over. And so we just dug for referrals then went to lessons. Thursday we had a sick elder and all but one lesson fell through. Wednesday we had DM and went to Smithfield to Jeff’s lesson he took a long time, we missed dinner cause we had to rush to our next lesson, then we split and followed up with some RCs. yesterday was zone conference, last of the transfer, so we all said a good by just in case. Then we came back cleaned a little and did our comp study and then went to our lessons I taught. My comp is DL.
We have p day on Tuesday cause most of the temples in our mission are closed on Monday for FHE. I forgot my USB so I can't send pictures NOOOO!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

William's May 3rd Letter

2011 May 3
My week's been pretty awesome so far. It was cool; we got some stuffed animals for some families we teach.  We met people from Frankfurt and someone who served in Frankfurt, which is cool! We have as Pepperidge Farm factory and a caspers factory too! We went to the bulk shop and got some Tim tams and a cloud nine... I ate cloud nine. On Wednesday we went to the firehouse( a pizza place) Our MP was buying, I got some red cream soda, which tastes like liquid red vines, drinks are free if you buy pizza on Wednesdays. So we’re eating and a lady gave the mission president a 20 dollar bill and said he should use it because she had a son on a mission and wanted us to be well cared for. He said to us he would use it as the tip. Then the waitress came, asked if we wanted anything else... and told President someone had already picked up the check. OH his face was hilarious!! So we finished and he just threw the 20 on the pizza pan as the tip. He’s great. Thursday was busy; we see lots of pelicans down here. I got to ride in a 2009 Camaro!!We went 100 miles an hour for about 30 seconds but it was still cool!  Kendra’s got so big so fast it’s only been a 2 months since I saw her last! She has grown so much! Love the area here, I’ve gone on exchanges so many times with the DL comp, he’s cool. He is from Texas.  We met a girl from there and his accent came right back! he he he. Friday was cool; we’ve had a person cancel on us 4 times in a row!!! and we lost 4 dates in 3 days, Oh my GEE (my mtc expression) me  and my com[ get frustrated over it but I guess will just have to get them back. Hay does Annette have Moser relatives in Utah? There are some here and I just wondered if there is a relation. We’re teaching a few Indians, it’s cool, and a born again Christian. Elder Barney found a clone doll he thought was super old, he knows about these things (yardsaler) and totally trussed that theory. But it’s still pretty cool, high quality porcelain face hands and feet! I’ve seen a fox. I don't remember if I told you but it was awesome! I missed the picture though. Thanks for the pics I’ll send you some. Saturday we had a great day slow but fun none the less, working on my puzzle its coming along!! Sunday we went to sacrament meeting with an investigator who’s going to get baptized this month by her husband, its weird she’s my same age..... but hay teach all. AUSTIN GOT BAPTISED!!!! Yeah, now we just need to convert his mom and get his dad back into the church. The latter is just going to take time the former probably going to be obscenely difficult. We got some slumgalion it’s a fruit cake type thing or more a cobbler. Here’s something funny, Brian Reagan joke on you to" it was great we were leaving a lesson and are fellowshipper was with us, the investigator said “drive safe!” and he said “You too”. It was so hard not to laugh! This place is awesome!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

William's April 19th Letter

2011 April 19
The baptism was great, I was kinda just there cause I didn’t teach the kid but I get 3 on the 30th
My schedule is usually tight, we find or try to find investigators, and then we teach. We mostly teach less actives. On p-day we go to wallyworld and buy supplies, and then if we have time, we find stuff to do, but it ends at 6 and we go back to teaching. We’re teaching Tracy, Austin, the Houslys, Adrian, the Cinlys, and Jeff. These were all found by referrals, two were here when I got here, and the Ciniys are inactive, but nice people

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

William's April 12th Letter

2011 April 12

My week has been fine. Tuesday I went on splits, it was fun. Wednesday, I don't remember exactly, I got behind in my journal, so next time I'll transcribe it to you. But we had fun teaching; we're teaching a boy named Austin; he is 9 and super excited! My first baptism is on Saturday, I poached it from someone else so I don't know him very well, I have 3 more this month, and one next month. Sweet! Elder Barney is like Travis, And Travis will understand why, just in some of his interactive humor. I went and saw the grave of Martin Harris it was nice, not what I expected it was just an obelisk, I was more impressed with the hand carved book on another grave marker. I’ve met some new potential investigators; they’re all nice about it. I want some of grandma’s apples. The ones here aren’t the same at all. But yeah I’ve been teaching someone famous!! Well not really, but this family after a fashion has a little boy who  was in a commercial for the foundation for a better life, Cement Commercial, the little boy walking in the cement! I'm Teaching HIM!!! It’s super awesome, I had fun on splits Friday, we first went to dinner then we hooked up with some kids to go with, I’ll tell you more next time because I need my journal to do a good job on that day. Sunday was super busy. We woke up early and went to meetings; it was hard to stay awake! I'll get used to it soon though. I love it out here. It’s a little different, no trees and wider valleys but it’s the same otherwise, they have root beer milk... its actually pretty good. Oh and apple beer, it’s like spiked cider, but with a lot less flavor, but it’s pretty good. There is a lady who works leather and she shines our shoes to look professional, in about 30 seconds each shoe. To your seminary class I say the big thing is, Teach the Gospel and if Necessary open your mouth! That’s the best and it helps the elders out a lot. When people are active, really active not sort of active the work is the best.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

William's April 5th Letter

This is a translation of William’s letter 4/5/2011
 I didn’t have time to write last p day so today is the day; my senior comp name is Elder Barney. He is nice, he is a good teacher, and he likes some of the same things I do.
My first week's been great. First day they took us tracting in some random place in Ogden. On the first door I knocked on, they people said, through the door,  “come in”, so we did( I wanted to knock because they were listening to Dark Night True Light which is a really good song, it’s Japanese) any way we came into to the apartment and this fat chick and was hanging out  in all over the place, a skinny girl and a crazy dude were standing in front of the glass door, they were like “We've been baptized”, the skinny girl had been baptized, the fat chick was baptized but then we asked them their religion and she said well, “It’s weikien, and the sapnyard” (yes I me that literally) I asked “What is that?” She said “its witchcraft”, and the crazy dude said some crap about ducks. Then the conversation progressed and they asked the crazy guy a question, and he was talking about God but his words were crazy insane.   And I quote to the best of my obscene ability, "Man, all these people don't believe in God, but they believe in plastic phones and lead bullets. I mean you can sit and punch a phone and ask it for a ride but no matter how hard you punch, that ride’s not coming. You can’t pray to a phone, I know I tried, you try, take a bat and beat a pay phone, see if you can break it."  Then we walked outside and found out the fat chick was pregnant, she ran back inside the skinny dude says he used to want to be a deacon but, when I shook his hand, I saw fresh injection scars, or maybe it was a scratch from the cat, but it  looked too deep to me.  He seemed sorry but not real sorry.
Later, we tracted into nice members, one was inactive, she felt very bad about it, she lived above the witches.  As it turns out this family has had a tradition of young pregnancies, Grandma 9, Mom 12, sister 10 and the other sister some other time. (This was from the Elder as we were walking back.) When he was teaching a family there he challenged them and they tried to curse him, but it didn't work, he said “It's not nice.”  So later we went back to the Mission Home and had to dinner, it was very good pasta, Oh yeah, before all this what not, I met elder Clark, (the mistaken letter guy) yeah, he really needed the stuff we sent him, he kept the manila envelope too.  It's funny, we told the Mission President, and he just said, “I’m sorry.” Then we went down stairs, and had training.  The Zone Leader bore a testimony about losing a right arm as trial, jokingly, but there was lady in the congregation that had lost her arm, so the Mission president’s wife brought it up, then we all laughed for a while.  We went to bed; I got to sleep on a memory foam mattress, everyone else slept on a navy bunk.  In the morning we had waffles for breakfast. We then went to the mission office; I can get my driver’s license here. President says it is OK. We were then assigned a new companion. I got some ties too, they were sweet! Then we took the drive up here, to Richmond Utah, above Logan in Cache Valley.  It’s been fun.  We ran into some less actives tracting and we made some appointments with them, their difficulty is that they are smokers, He’s dying from it, when we went back yesterday he had bled all over the kitchen.  Nasty!  Then I went and met Tracy!! This dude is covered in tats but is super smart when it comes to the bible, but he needs to read the Book of Mormon. He has two daughters, was  a skin-head, in a couple of days he is going to court to save his life, he got in an accident on his bullet bike a few years back, destroyed his left side and has only recently been able to walk.  He has good heart, he cried a little during conference when we watched on his High Definition TV (bigger then Jordan’s TV). We met a few elders in the district, sorry I didn’t bring my journal or I’d have had more to write.  Oh yeah, this is just a small thing but I think you may find it somewhat important to heighten your sense of exited surprise after the manner of surprised excitement that it is so , or getting to the point then, I GOT TO GO TO GENERAL CONFERENCE IN THE CONFERENCE CENTER ON SUNDAY!  I sat in the last section on the far right, near the back I smiled at the camera but I don't know if it was on. We brought an investigator.  She was flipping out when we saw some protestor’s gay flag flying behind a car, with comic say some craziness that confused the heck out of me cause I didn’t know what the words meant, and all of them just stood there holding their sign so it was a peaceful display, I almost got on Utah news, but I did not. Maybe I should buy a recording device and fill up an SD card about 2 gigs with my voice that you could listen!! Might make more sense, or maybe not.  I met a guy that is into motorcycles and is less active a part family.  He is cool.  
Get the message from conference Return Missionaries?  I was sighing; phew … I just got out here.
I miss Elder Schwartzberg.
This library is super small. I met some of our investigators yesterday, they were nice but they are not married.  They are working on it, but they aren’t yet.  And well they are less active i guess?  I don't understand the whole bit.  I need to send some written letters.  Oh yeah, the mission office address has changed!
It is now.
S. Ogden, UT, 84403.

Write more next week bye!
(If you want a copy of the original, just let me know)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

William's March 22 Letter

2011 March 22

Every things good, and I’ve been through the temple. It was different then the Spokane one but nice. Tomorrow I can get my hep shot so that’s when I plan on doing it.
I don’t remember the brand of razors but it’s about 80 but it’s less with the discount, but I’ve thought it out and figured out it was how I was connecting the power, not the razor, so I'll just wait, then I’m converting to a hand razor. I bought a Japanese Book of Mormon, I can read it, I know what’s going on but not word for word. But I need mini composition books about 4, a water bottle, and if you can find an elderberry stick that I can carve into a CTR ring. Well I should have brought a water bottle, that was an over sight.  DELLA! Yeah, my p days Tuesday, but Grandma Chipman sent me a letter and told me. Thanks,

PS (I was able to ask a few questions and get the answer back before he got off the computer.)
I'd actually need sand paper more then I need a knife, and I guess I don't have time to carve one. I’ve been filling it with scriptures according to  topic, but I don't have key word or phrase yet and I wanted to send one to Dustin after I had it filled,  how many did I say 4?  I need two so I can add key phrases and make one for Dustin. Water bottles cost 5 dollars here, and that’s after the discount! if it’s the cheapest then I’ll go ahead and buy it. And it’s always smart to have one. Maybe I’ll just buy two books in the field; they are at Wal-Mart after all. So never mind that.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

More about the 1st week in the MTC

2011 March 15(We received this letter in the mail)
Dear Mom & Dad,
First week has been great!  The temple was nice.  On the first day we observed three situations of teaching the second was a nightmare, a Baptist set in stone and considered himself wise for learning.
I’ve practiced teaching quit a lot.  It’s fun!
Our room is smaller than all the others.  It used to be a hall but they put a wood wall in to make a room, it’s at the top of our building.
Being here is like being at Hogwarts only instead of changing; everything looks exactly the same.  It takes a week to get it down.
We’ve mistaken our building twice in one day.  First we couldn’t open the door.  The second someone opened it for us and we walked to the top.  I noticed the carpet was different, but it was that we were in the wrong building.
At lunch one day I lost my card we came all the way back to the residence and I found it in my pocket.
In my District there are two triodes, 3 sisters and 3 elders, the elders help us practice. They gave us a terrible ordeal of roommates, tow atheist and a man on the down swing.  We got an appointment though and turned on around.
Its hard for me not to explain the details to investigators, I get so excited about it! So I am working on that.
Our District started “wife points” for chivalry acts.  It’s funny but, hay its great way to show respect and do missionary work.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

William's first week at the MTC

William and his Mom
William and his Dad
William on his way
Laura and Trissa before William went into the MTC
 Kendra Laura William Trissa Gavin
William, Grandpa and Grandma

William at the MTC

Jim and I took William to the Spokane airport Tuesday March 8th for his 1:05 flight to Salt Lake City.  His sister Laura picked him up and then waited for his other sister, Trissa, to arrive at the airport. They were able to spend the rest of the day together and the next morning before going to their Grandma and Grandpa Chipman's house who inturn took William to the MTC.
2011 March 11
Dear Parents,
I’m sending some things the MTC has ask to have done.  So far it’s great.  I have a foreign companion, Elder Swartzberg.  He is great; it is like having me on my team!  The districts is great, almost all of us are going to Ogden.  Another foreign elder has already served for 3 months in his home country.  It is so much fun.  The food is great!  Please send back requested information.  I’ll write more on P day.
Love you

2011 March15
Yes my birthday was memorable; an overload of spiritual information, but it was nice. The MTC is great it's like camp only you can take showers and sleep on beds. I had to by some shampoo because I forgot mine, and I bought myself some b day presents so don't worry about that. The food is mostly good some things leave something to be desired but it’s ok. I put it in my gray back pack it’s on top of everything of mine down under my stuff is on the left.  It should be in one of the side pockets but it might be in the big one. I leave on the 29th. Elder Swartsberg is from Canada. I sent you a letter with my MTC address in it and something the MTC wants is coming too, should be there first, the number on the pink sheet is a fax number. I love you guys too, and I m glad Alan and his family are safe. \
Love, Will