Tuesday, February 28, 2012

William's February 28 Letter

2012 February 28
Ok, this week was fun. We went on exchanges I got to know our dl really well, he from California, great guy, told me about why he’s out, it’s an intense story. We had good lessons with investigators and have a great set up for the coming transfer. I will be in Val Verda, which is in Bountiful. It will be exiting. We gave a talk at Honeyville and had a fun party right afterwards. Actually it was a lesson that the fellowship had just made a ton of food for dinner at, but it was still fun. Heintz is training, so that’s exiting. We solidified dates and got some awesome investigators to church so thing are great, we our teaching about 10 people and most have dates for this month!! It’s amazing what the Lord’s doing. It’s been fun I’ve almost been out for a whole year as the members remind me. We had snow all day today, it was great to see.  We cleaned our apartment and some guy just gave us food out of the blue. It was weird, but cool. So that was my week. I don't have anything more exiting, well we had this district meeting and Elder Garet the other dl made this Lehi’s vision in the gym of the tabernacle and we walked through it.  It was cool, a little short but very well done.  He had some art skills, it was amazing a ten foot cardboard tree and the building went across the stage. There was a rod of Iron and a missionary dressed as an angel!!! It was awesome and Sister White was there and she gave me the shirt from the Book of Mormon challenge, she is so nice! IT has been a great transfer love you all lots!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

William's February 21st Letter

2012 February 21
My week has been great we didn't have a baptism as planed but we still have 6 dates and it’s exciting to see people change. I hope the kids apply the principles, they’re the ones we each our converts. I had dinner with the Hayes, it was fun, grandma McCombs was there, and she talked about home. Our district leader asked us to do District meeting on Wednesday, we are planning really hard, but I think it will be fun. I love this area, it’s sweet. Hope you guys are doing well, I need to write more letters.
Love you lots!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

William's February 14th Letter

2012 February 14
Well this week was good, we had one baptism, and the teaching was slow, I got the stomach flu and we spent time with some other elders who were sick too. After teaching appointments, I went on exchanges with Adam Hayes and he went with me to two lessons. And we picked up some dates and we had a crazy Sunday. We went to almost every ward possible and had two confirmations. Then yesterday we had lesson spike up and today were going bowling. it’s been a great week, I was studying and I read about the spirit and its power, how angels speak by its power, so the spirit gives the power to speak with the tongue of angels, which I deduced to be truth ( actually it just came to me to say that in the talk I was giving) and that if we listen to the spirit and speak with its power or the truth (either way has the same effect) we can speak with the voice and tongue of angels! Which I thought was cool, cause if you read Alma’s experience it is pretty cool to have the earth shake! Congratulations to everyone on marriage and babies and birthdays! Love you all lots

William's February 7th Letter

2012 February 7
This week was excellent. We taught several people and picked up a new date from a kid who is ready to be baptized a.s.a.p. I went on splits with Adam Hayes, and we taught a lesson out in Corinne, and yes I do cover Fred’s stake and Adam showed us where he lives. we had district activate, which was just a pizza party because the district leader's dinner had got him to much so he called us in to eat it... he is a good District leader he was sick so we gave him a blessing and he is getting better, their apartment is cool.  Jerry would like some of the people in this area they’re big game hunters, the land lord of the dl has many trophies, and some of them are in the dl apartment because there isn't room in his trophy room. HE HAS A LION RUG! and a skinned  lynx; its larger than most cats I’ve seen. We left back to our lessons and we had some spiritual experiences.  We have lost some dates but we will get them back and hopefully get every one committed. But we had stake conference and President was there he spoke with Elder Malm of the seventy. He is a great speaker, Elder Malm, he took time to talk with a La member we are friends with, he didn't go on a mission and got married instead, his wife filed for a divorce a short time later and he couldn't serve a mission after being married, but he is getting active and repenting of his ways, he loves the church he was just lost for a while. And it excited me that Elder Malm would take time to speak to him about these things and encourage him to go to the temple. Elder Malm spoke powerfully and gave great and marvelous teachings. Or rather He emphasized some important points that we over look ordinarily. We had dinner out in Honeyville and we got lost and stuck on some muddy road, Heitz of course driving, he got us stuck, well I got us stuck (wait), but I guided him to the dry ground. It’s a good story for gospel principles. Well last night we found new faster ways around our area which was good. Then we planned a zone activity for today and we will be off to that soon.