Tuesday, February 28, 2012

William's February 28 Letter

2012 February 28
Ok, this week was fun. We went on exchanges I got to know our dl really well, he from California, great guy, told me about why he’s out, it’s an intense story. We had good lessons with investigators and have a great set up for the coming transfer. I will be in Val Verda, which is in Bountiful. It will be exiting. We gave a talk at Honeyville and had a fun party right afterwards. Actually it was a lesson that the fellowship had just made a ton of food for dinner at, but it was still fun. Heintz is training, so that’s exiting. We solidified dates and got some awesome investigators to church so thing are great, we our teaching about 10 people and most have dates for this month!! It’s amazing what the Lord’s doing. It’s been fun I’ve almost been out for a whole year as the members remind me. We had snow all day today, it was great to see.  We cleaned our apartment and some guy just gave us food out of the blue. It was weird, but cool. So that was my week. I don't have anything more exiting, well we had this district meeting and Elder Garet the other dl made this Lehi’s vision in the gym of the tabernacle and we walked through it.  It was cool, a little short but very well done.  He had some art skills, it was amazing a ten foot cardboard tree and the building went across the stage. There was a rod of Iron and a missionary dressed as an angel!!! It was awesome and Sister White was there and she gave me the shirt from the Book of Mormon challenge, she is so nice! IT has been a great transfer love you all lots!

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