Tuesday, January 17, 2012

William's January 17 Letter

2012 January 17
My week was good! We are progressing with our investigators.... and I am being transferred to Brigham north, with Elder Hintez. He’s cool; Zachreson trained him. I started the class. It's good, it’s fun but it’s not as interesting as I thought, but I've just been there once so it should be better as we go. It’s good, I'll make some good friends, and it will be fun. Our investigators may be sad but it will be fun. That reminds me, there is a website that makes business cards. So I can put contact info on it and give it to the people I wanna stay in contact with down here. It’s called vistaprint.com.  I’d like some for the convenience. It’ll be fun; I’ll send what I want on it. It only cost shipping, so it’s like 5 dollars. The Pizza was delicious the district loved it, it was so good. We made it for some investigators. I hope they get baptized. Some of my favorite scriptures; Alma 60: 21 its good for talents and 13 is a great verse in this chapter. D&C 18:38-39 it’s great for missionary work and of course my personal favorite (right now) Moroni 8:16 and 1:1 it really helped my testimony especially after reading the Book of Mormon through Moroni, you get a lot of respect for the book... I memorized a few more but it’s hard to keep them straight, but these are the ones I know the reference for.
Thanks for your prayers
love you lots help the missionaries, love you lots!

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