Tuesday, June 19, 2012

William's June 19 Letter

2012 June 19
My week was busy too, not as busy as yours. Mia was baptized and we found a family too teach, we are having trouble getting them committed but they are good kids, I hope they made it to church, we had to go to Mia’s confirmation, which was at the same time as their church. We had some fun with the district and we had dinner with a family that runs a bakery out of their house "Mama Crimin’s Cookies" she makes really good cookies (we had pie). Our house is cramped, and I am getting kind of sad because next month I can't go to see Ray and Johnny anymore. But the gospel is true and I am excited to serve here. I am happy to hear every one is having fun, and that I have another member of the family. Thank you for the letters, love you lots!

Mia's Baptism

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