Tuesday, September 27, 2011

William's September 27th Letter

2011 September 27
My week was productive! I prepared for my talk, taught lessons and did service splitting wood and building a wall. We had a good time doing all of it. We have had a great time with the Spanish missionaries who live in our apartment; we have a greenie who is a very good Elder.
We taught a lesson on Wednesday and a family gave us some talks. One of them is Hugh B Brown a profile of a prophet. It is an amazing talk. We taught a part member family, they are cool and we enjoy doing it. We read from the Book of Mormon and talk about what it is saying. We are good friends with the wrestling coach and football coach. It’s fun to talk with them, about the sports; they help with referrals and Sister Wise the football coach’s wife gives us haircuts at her salon. We are working with a family to get the daughter baptized, and praying the mom comes around. It has been a good week.
Yes I am still in the garland area; we just live out of town about ten or 15 miles. My talk was good. I gave a pretty good 10 minute talk; it would have been a better one if I hadn’t ran out of room writing it, and less time to fill. I had to get 15 more minutes. That impromptu talk dad taught us saved me, as I was the last speaker! But it was a good time out in the country, and then we came home for a youth conference and refreshments. I ate an incredibly hot pepper the other day, I now know what spicy is. Oh it takes an hour and a half to get to Park Valley.
I have both little journal and a big journal, and a more secular part can be found in my big journal and a mores spiritual part in my little journal. Actually I am behind in my "journal" and need to catch up, I of course have kept detailed or as detailed as I could, record of when the apostles come, but I write so much and have to catch up! The little plates (it was a quote from Nephi) are my mission memory book.
Here is my official statement:
I do well in keeping a record in my journal all though I do miss days and have had to back track, it is good to be detailed in the spiritual accounts of the days, if I miss a day and it was little down to my opinion (important wording here) I make a lesser account of that days proceedings. And if I deem it credible a greater amount, usually on days I have missed, if I do not miss I make a full and rather accurate account of that days proceedings. I find when I write down things of the day I learn more from those experiences. It is important to do this because we need help in remembering such things. And to review those things which strengthen our testimonies of Christ. Now here is the pearl of wisdom I impart, that if we review the days weakness we are strengthened by it, and thus strengthening our testimony.
And if anyone wants details on that they can write me a letter and ask!
ok I don't have much time left but the point is we now know what we are weak in or strong and we can come before God with it and have it strengthened or refined, and that is a testimony builder, oh and mention that Nephi had two journals.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

William's September 20th Letter with Pictures

 2011 September 20
 I have had a great week this week.  We had transfers and I got Elder Flake who is from Camano Island WA. He is a cool guy; I like him a lot so far. We are related threw William Jordan Flake. Every one asks if he is from Snow Flake AZ. I love this area; we had to set up a few lessons and the Spaniards moved in so we moved our desks into our room. We had zone study, and met a lot of auxiliaries, went to ward parties took old fashion pictures, and we cleaned up our books got everything organized and started finding our way around. We have had a few lessons and will be getting new investigators, we have had fun with the new set up, and finally got our drier plugged in, which is good because we have been worried about it. I am giving a talk this Sunday in Park Valley; use Google Earth to find it and see how far away it is from Deweyville where I live now, amazing! I love my mission and have had some great times. I love you lots.  Have a great week!
Elder Divis

 Elder Zacherson and Elder
 Jadin's Baptism
Elder Divis, Cody, Elder Koozer

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

William's September 6th Letter

2011 September 6
My week was great, we had a game of soccer, I scored 2 of the 4 point my team made, and the other team scored a lot more. It was mostly fun though, we had a great baptism on Monday, and we went through a corn maze. Not much else has gone on. Dinner last night, we went to a family’s house, and their grandpa was there. We were all having a good dinner when he reads my tag, then he says grandpa’s name! As it turns out grandpa had been his branch president and had ordained him to the office of Elder, while they were in the marines. It was a cool experience he gave me his info to send to grandpa, but I don't have it because my companions aren’t good at planning or listening to pres. oh well I'll send it next week, it will work out. I can't send any more pictures, and I have to get some from some elders cause I didn’t have my camera I don't have any more exciting things to say, oh we hit a duck, it was funny he wasn't paying attention to us he was looking north, like just checking “okay that ways north so if I go south...” he turns ..." what the heck is.." smack and that is what happened. Oh and next month John Bytheway is speaking to the youth and we were asked to go. Yeah! Mild sarcasm he’s cool but we'll probably just go take a picture with him and leave to get some work done. It’ll be cool any way.