Thursday, December 20, 2012

William's December 18th Letter

2012 December 18
We had a great week. We met with several investigators, started teaching a family who is interested in the gospel had good discussion with fellow elders about the many things we can do to help our investigators out this time of year, our investigators have almost all shown progression, except a few whose current circumstance leaves them unable to attended meetings. But it’s so nice to see the spirit of the season in the homes we visit.
I won't stay at the Montgomery’s for Christmas, we both are getting transferred and I am going to Willard Bay which is just south of Brigham City. So back North for a spell, it will be fun. I think I will see who I can go to for Christmas, a lot of the people I know up there have missionaries out so they may be busy talking to them. I need to see what the plan is though because I am transferred I don't know the area very well. But we cans still let you know what is going to happen since I don't have a time or anything yet.
But I love you guys’ lots!

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