Wednesday, August 22, 2012

William's August 14 Letter

My week was good. We went to musical fireside, invited everyone. Jedi committed to baptism, so did Corbin and his brother, may do so tonight! , which is amazing. I am staying in Clinton for another transfer which will total 6 months. It is a little strange, but it will be exciting to see the progress of the people we are working with. It’s looking up because a young man came up to us in church, and said I want to be baptized. So that was amazing!  We have had a lot of good things start to come up and I have learned a lot of things about teaching. It is a little slower than I am used to still but it’s nice, I am kind of sad I did not get sent somewhere new but it’s the Lord’s will and I am sure there are some people I need to meet and teach. Love you all lots!

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