Tuesday, October 2, 2012

William's October 2 Letter

2012 October 2
My week was good. My new companion is Elder Hudson. We have had a good week with lots of teaching, we had a lot of fun, we had to solve a wedding problem for the first little bit and  track down all the baptismal records that weren't turned in, that was fun, meeting as many people as possible and doing as much as I can. It is fun here in Harrisville, much bigger then Clinton and we get a car, so that is really nice. Don’t know. I may go to conference for the last time at the conference center. It is the last one on my mission and I am real close so that’s good. The apartment is a really nice basement apartment it’s like Dave and Annette’s basement full apartment and all furnished and it is bigger than the last one and much easier to keep clean. It’s really nice. Well not a whole lot else to say right now but love you all lots

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