Tuesday, September 11, 2012

William's September 11 Letter

2012 September 11
My week was good, we found a lot of great new investigators, and our mission president taught a lesson with us. Our investigators are exited for the lessons. We taught a few new kids, they are interested but I am not sure if there grandpa enjoys the idea. We had a lot of good success. We taught an object lesson to Steven and his kid, they were really engaged. He has had some struggles with his situation and is living with one of his friends, she is going through a divorce, and it’s a hard situation, he is a little frustrated because he can't get baptized yet but it’s nice to see he is trying hard. We had a good lesson with two young kids Talia and Kenny, they are nice kids. They want to be baptized, Kenny says bathtised. It’s cute. The best part of this week was how much work has been coming our way, so many are being prepared.
Sister Burton would like a picture with Elder Burton and you guys. They’re a fun family we are really busy and they live faraway for walking but I like them.
Love you all lots!

 Road Rash (another bike crash)

 Ward Boundaries
This is a sugar glider

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