Wednesday, February 15, 2012

William's February 14th Letter

2012 February 14
Well this week was good, we had one baptism, and the teaching was slow, I got the stomach flu and we spent time with some other elders who were sick too. After teaching appointments, I went on exchanges with Adam Hayes and he went with me to two lessons. And we picked up some dates and we had a crazy Sunday. We went to almost every ward possible and had two confirmations. Then yesterday we had lesson spike up and today were going bowling. it’s been a great week, I was studying and I read about the spirit and its power, how angels speak by its power, so the spirit gives the power to speak with the tongue of angels, which I deduced to be truth ( actually it just came to me to say that in the talk I was giving) and that if we listen to the spirit and speak with its power or the truth (either way has the same effect) we can speak with the voice and tongue of angels! Which I thought was cool, cause if you read Alma’s experience it is pretty cool to have the earth shake! Congratulations to everyone on marriage and babies and birthdays! Love you all lots

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