Tuesday, August 9, 2011

William's August 9th Letter

Serving with Elder Barney

2011 August 9
My week was awesome. First  day of the new transfer, just  over the mountains from my old
area, we went back to Clarkston for the Martin Harris  pageant, with Bro and Sis. Harris, Sis.
Harris likes puns. She came up with one for our  last name. DIVIS A MINUTE, it is clever, but it
got old fast.  The pageant was good; I enjoyed it quite a bit. We go to the gym every day
and lift, I am a lot weaker then I was in high school. Hopefully I will be here long enough to
get in  shape. The area is bigger in geographical terms, but there are only 2 stakes. We
have had a few lessons this week, and 3 baptisms coming up, little kids and we just picked
up a new gator who is set on baptism and temple marriage, they’re going to wait the year
after... we think that will make chastity hard but her and her boyfriend (prospective fiancé)
don't live together, and her mom said she’d pay for tuition if she didn't get married, so we’ll
see what happens. We went to a lesson where atravelling saleswoman (door to door) lives.
She was African American, and she was a hoot! Wish I placed one with her. She was selling
a do it all organic no acidic cleaner, it really works good, my companion Elder Koozer almost
opened a bottle and would of had to buy it! Oh man I would have laughed. I like this area a
lot. Our dl came over Monday so we could go to Logan together, now we are
here and have no way to get back..... yet. Pray for us!

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