Saturday, November 26, 2011

William's November 22 Letter

2011 November 22
First off the class doesn’t start until December, but my companion will take it with me. Our week was good, we had a lesson with a family, taught the plan of salvation and the dad was excited because he had a vision about it but didn’t know really how to describe parts of it. We made plans for thanksgiving and, we have a date for this Saturday andthe17th, it's great.  We are teaching a girl who really wants to know a lot and is getting ready for baptism, her dad is going to too, he just doesn't know it yet. We are going to commit him soon. Utah is so funny, we see advertisement s for baptism cloths, and ads use variations of famous scriptures, local ads any way. It’s fun to pick them out. We have a lesson with a man who we don't know why he’s not baptized.  For Christmas, well I want you to wrap everything separately so I can open it. I think pens are nice, maybe a quilt with a star in the middle of a blue circle in the middle of a red circle in the middle of a white circle in the middle of a bigger red circle.  No candy, unless it's candy corn. Basically food stuff is out cause I can get that, way too easily. Things I could use on my mission, I am trying to think. Stuff I would like, things that I can take with me place to place but doesn’t take up too much space, yeah know? But if I just get a whole bunch of small stuff in different wrappings that will be great, my usual list is shot because I don't need any of it and can't have half of it. I have wanted some wrestling shoes but I don't know when I'd use them, but there in East Bay catalog Asics they’re red and silver. Really I don't know just send me pictures of the whole thing and that will be good too.

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