Wednesday, October 5, 2011

William's October 4th Blog

2011 October 4
We watched it at the whites and the Stephenson’s, both really cool families. I liked the talk on the Bible and Book of Mormon, and President Monson's first talk ... 5 temples in the mission, even though most are under construction. And star valley is amazing! But I got the importance of teaching the youth and building faith and being strong. My week has been good we received new investigators a date, help a ward mission leader with his corn, and made "armor of god". Elder Flake has been really good to work with but we discovered one of our similarities is that neither one of us really wants to be in charge. I will see what I can do about that. hum.. I can't change him.
well we had fun to day we went to Logan and I got Dustin a present (Cut this part out before sending to him) I got him a license plate with his name and a 40 dollar tie (it was only 5 dollars for me) and a bag of Swedish fish, I was thinking about a cowboy hat because that’s what is popular down here but I think I'll find something else for him, if not it's only 12 dollars so maybe. I'll see how much it cost for the Swedish fish to send then decide, if it is too much I'll send the tie and license plate. But it shouldn’t be a problem.( ok delete all that)
We are having good success here, but I am noticing a trace amount of Utah Mormon disease out here. It’s not too bad but it's there and I would like to see it go away completely, but I'll focus on the work and do what I can along the way.

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