Thursday, June 2, 2011

William's May 31st Letter

My week has been good, we are worried about flooding.  I’m out of money and cereal wouldn’t you know it. But it’s been fun out here.  We have a lot of Native Americans to teach and some are stubborn that their religion is better, because its older... they don't get it yet. Cause they haven’t prayed! But others are more receptive but harder to catch. Yesterday we went and talked to Jeff he’s doing good, he's still "dyeing" he has a heart problem that affects his breathing, I don't remember what it’s called. We lost a date but we have two this weekend! Yes! and we’re working on others. On Sunday I met some hard core trekies! ,star wars and battle star. But it was awesome they had home made light saber  that look like the originals, and legit Jedi robes! It was awesome! We got lost after wards though but that’s fine now I won't again. Monday we had lunch at someone’s BBQ! It was so good, and they gave us leftovers! A whole pie!! SO WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT GROCERIES THIS WEEK! which is great. Saturday we did, lots of work, I can't remember what because I’m not sure if it was Friday or Saturday we got no it was Friday, ok we had Dm on Wednesday, and then we had exchanges Thursday, our slow day. Oh Elder Garite knocked my ice cream cone out of my hand on accident and he is totally flipping out about it still! Dead set on buying me a new one, crazy. I went on exchanges with him, it was fun, found out he was a bully and that’s why he was freaking out, he used to do that on purpose and he didn’t want to remember. Any way exchanges were fun, but we spent the night in north Logan, their apartment is as cool as are ours, but with less insulation, and I was next to the window with a sheet! I was freezing the whole time! But then we went home to our nice warm beds. We have the nicest apartment in the area. Heated and has all kinds of lazy boys in it, I love the work, its great! I'll send some pictures. Have a great time!

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