Tuesday, August 30, 2011

William's August 30th Letter

Emily's Baptism in July

2011 August 30
My week was good; we had a 2 baptisms and conformations, and lots of lessons. with. An elder had to go home, he'll be gone for six months then come back. He was disappointed when he got the call but he is sure to come back, we haven’t had too many super exciting experiences but it's very nice here in Garland, Utah. Everyone is nice, and we are moving into a nicer apartment in a week or so.
The high school here has a water polo team, the sport seems intense it’s like rugby and wrestling in the water, interesting stuff.
The Holy Ghost is very important, it is a gift of God that is most versatile, he abides with you no matter what and has a lot of uses, he guides you on a path of righteousness, and also to the best choices in life, he will comfort when we are in need of comfort, he teaches us the truth of all things, whether it be the gospel or the answer to a simple question.  He will warn of what is to come, and call to remembrance that which has come. But you must listen to him or he will temporally cease to assist you not leave you just not help you. If ye open your mouth to speak and he fillith it, then speak that which he hath placed there, if you ignore it and try to go on your own path, he will cease to fill your mouth and you will discover your weakness in that moment.  Rely wholly on the Spirit and he will guide you to the Celestial Kingdom. ( I tried to do scripture talk but it was a ramble. The point is, listen to the Spirit and you'll be fine, and if you don't want to you might still be fine, but you’ll probably fall all over yourself)

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