Tuesday, April 12, 2011

William's April 12th Letter

2011 April 12

My week has been fine. Tuesday I went on splits, it was fun. Wednesday, I don't remember exactly, I got behind in my journal, so next time I'll transcribe it to you. But we had fun teaching; we're teaching a boy named Austin; he is 9 and super excited! My first baptism is on Saturday, I poached it from someone else so I don't know him very well, I have 3 more this month, and one next month. Sweet! Elder Barney is like Travis, And Travis will understand why, just in some of his interactive humor. I went and saw the grave of Martin Harris it was nice, not what I expected it was just an obelisk, I was more impressed with the hand carved book on another grave marker. I’ve met some new potential investigators; they’re all nice about it. I want some of grandma’s apples. The ones here aren’t the same at all. But yeah I’ve been teaching someone famous!! Well not really, but this family after a fashion has a little boy who  was in a commercial for the foundation for a better life, Cement Commercial, the little boy walking in the cement! I'm Teaching HIM!!! It’s super awesome, I had fun on splits Friday, we first went to dinner then we hooked up with some kids to go with, I’ll tell you more next time because I need my journal to do a good job on that day. Sunday was super busy. We woke up early and went to meetings; it was hard to stay awake! I'll get used to it soon though. I love it out here. It’s a little different, no trees and wider valleys but it’s the same otherwise, they have root beer milk... its actually pretty good. Oh and apple beer, it’s like spiked cider, but with a lot less flavor, but it’s pretty good. There is a lady who works leather and she shines our shoes to look professional, in about 30 seconds each shoe. To your seminary class I say the big thing is, Teach the Gospel and if Necessary open your mouth! That’s the best and it helps the elders out a lot. When people are active, really active not sort of active the work is the best.

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