Tuesday, August 2, 2011

William's August 2nd Letter

2011 August 2nd
I am getting transferred to Garland, over the mountains. My week was great, we had lessons with everyone, had a baptism on Wednesday, it was great. Thursday we had a splits with Garet it was great.  I’m going to say good bye to everyone here. We had a lesson with a Spanish family, only the dad, and the Spirit was so strong. They will get baptized, the mother was unsure, but felt good, and the father told her, do it if you feel it is right. They are and excellent family.  Oh yeah and we caught the goat we've been trying to get.
Sorry I will send pictures when I have the usb cord. I don't today, but I have a sweet one of us getting taken out by the attack dog!
Thanks for the pictures you sent, love you lots.
The gospels true!
See in 19 months and 5 days!

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