Tuesday, June 14, 2011

William's June 14th Letter

2011 June 14
My weeks been great, I had exchanges with the oldest missionary in the zone, he’s cool. We contacted some big families for referrals, but I spent 70 dollars! in one day. It was ridicules! I am never shopping there again. But I found the dollar tree here, so I go shopping there for groceries and spend a lot less money. Our car is having troubles; we got most things taken care of but we still need to fix the door handle.  We went back to the Kline’s, they’re born again Christian, and basically they ask the same three questions over and over and over and over. I was getting dizzy seeing as I answered all of them six times and they agreed with all my answers!!! It’s weird, we started teaching a Spanish family, the Spanish elders have dropped of the map so to speak, so we told the WML since he speaks Spanish, and the father of the family only speaks a little English, to translate for him, the daughter has adamant they’re catholic so the dad doesn’t know about baptism yet and the wife won't go without him, but he believes the first vision, he just needs to pray. Eli is avoiding us again, but that’s ok we have his address now. So we'll see what’s up there. We were going to train some priests on their campout but we couldn't get a ride so that fell through.  We missed the chance to go and fix the car well, the place was closed, but we are having success with Harold, he knows it's true he just need to read the Book of Mormon and pray!  We are going to set up with the Cisines soon, they’re less active, and I wish they weren’t. He gave us each one of his dads ties, so that they would be worn. They are excellent ties.
Sunday was hectic we had correlation in Smithfield, then a lesson in Lewiston then a lesson in Richmond! It was a lot of work, it was nice to just sit down and take the sacrament. Then we had correlation in Benson then back to Richmond, then we had a nice dinner, and went on splits. Oh yeah I met some Chipman’s down here, in Lewiston their ancestor settled American Fork, just wondering if were related, oh and some Bennett’s in Clarkston.
We are training a new ward mission leader and had a lesson in Benson and ate dinner. We went on splits I went with Bradien Hablin(incidentally he is featured in Napoleon,) to Clarkston and had  great time up there, we headed home my comp was late so we went to pig jays, were the movie was or part of it was filmed, and to some shacks and waited but he was teaching the Spanish family so it was all good. Oh and Sena had her baby girl Sariah on her birth day! yeah, and hopefully she will be baptized asap. She just had a struggle with segertsm but it should be easier now that she has moved out into her own place.
Love Elder Divis!

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