Tuesday, September 6, 2011

William's September 6th Letter

2011 September 6
My week was great, we had a game of soccer, I scored 2 of the 4 point my team made, and the other team scored a lot more. It was mostly fun though, we had a great baptism on Monday, and we went through a corn maze. Not much else has gone on. Dinner last night, we went to a family’s house, and their grandpa was there. We were all having a good dinner when he reads my tag, then he says grandpa’s name! As it turns out grandpa had been his branch president and had ordained him to the office of Elder, while they were in the marines. It was a cool experience he gave me his info to send to grandpa, but I don't have it because my companions aren’t good at planning or listening to pres. oh well I'll send it next week, it will work out. I can't send any more pictures, and I have to get some from some elders cause I didn’t have my camera I don't have any more exciting things to say, oh we hit a duck, it was funny he wasn't paying attention to us he was looking north, like just checking “okay that ways north so if I go south...” he turns ..." what the heck is.." smack and that is what happened. Oh and next month John Bytheway is speaking to the youth and we were asked to go. Yeah! Mild sarcasm he’s cool but we'll probably just go take a picture with him and leave to get some work done. It’ll be cool any way.

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