Tuesday, August 16, 2011

William's August 16th Letter

2011 August 16
My week has been fine. We picked up several new dates, all of them are solid. I've been working out every morning, its good exercises. We started teaching a guy who had his records removed when he was 14 and has notice that his life has gone downhill since and is making a comeback. One of the big things he remembers about when he was a member is FHE. So that is very important. We had 3 baptisms on Saturday. At one we met a Sister Pond...... she was very nice and had ties to Kettle Falls by the name of Larry Dickey. So that was fun we could be having dinner with them soon. We also met someone else from Colville, forget her name. It is nice to meet people form back home. We are trying to eat right but it’s not working so well. I am improving though. Love you all lots!

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