Tuesday, May 10, 2011

William's May 10th Letter

2011 May 10
My week has been great. Sunday was very free, every one cancelled correlation meeting, but we picked up some one to teach.  We went on splits early on Saturday and just tracted Smithfield, met some interesting people and got commitments to invite. And then we got some info on some potential investigators. Friday we did weekly planning and then had some appointments.  We went and some were not there and we couldn’t do what we wanted to, I think we went to teach someone new but I can't remember. But we got to teach one of our investigators who we couldn't get a hold of for a week, and then we split and taught separate lessons. But it was good I was going with a priest he seemed nervous but he drove us around, we went through our list fast cause no one was home. So we had lots of time left over. And so we just dug for referrals then went to lessons. Thursday we had a sick elder and all but one lesson fell through. Wednesday we had DM and went to Smithfield to Jeff’s lesson he took a long time, we missed dinner cause we had to rush to our next lesson, then we split and followed up with some RCs. yesterday was zone conference, last of the transfer, so we all said a good by just in case. Then we came back cleaned a little and did our comp study and then went to our lessons I taught. My comp is DL.
We have p day on Tuesday cause most of the temples in our mission are closed on Monday for FHE. I forgot my USB so I can't send pictures NOOOO!

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