Tuesday, March 29, 2011

William's March 22 Letter

2011 March 22

Every things good, and I’ve been through the temple. It was different then the Spokane one but nice. Tomorrow I can get my hep shot so that’s when I plan on doing it.
I don’t remember the brand of razors but it’s about 80 but it’s less with the discount, but I’ve thought it out and figured out it was how I was connecting the power, not the razor, so I'll just wait, then I’m converting to a hand razor. I bought a Japanese Book of Mormon, I can read it, I know what’s going on but not word for word. But I need mini composition books about 4, a water bottle, and if you can find an elderberry stick that I can carve into a CTR ring. Well I should have brought a water bottle, that was an over sight.  DELLA! Yeah, my p days Tuesday, but Grandma Chipman sent me a letter and told me. Thanks,

PS (I was able to ask a few questions and get the answer back before he got off the computer.)
I'd actually need sand paper more then I need a knife, and I guess I don't have time to carve one. I’ve been filling it with scriptures according to  topic, but I don't have key word or phrase yet and I wanted to send one to Dustin after I had it filled,  how many did I say 4?  I need two so I can add key phrases and make one for Dustin. Water bottles cost 5 dollars here, and that’s after the discount! if it’s the cheapest then I’ll go ahead and buy it. And it’s always smart to have one. Maybe I’ll just buy two books in the field; they are at Wal-Mart after all. So never mind that.

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