Sunday, March 20, 2011

More about the 1st week in the MTC

2011 March 15(We received this letter in the mail)
Dear Mom & Dad,
First week has been great!  The temple was nice.  On the first day we observed three situations of teaching the second was a nightmare, a Baptist set in stone and considered himself wise for learning.
I’ve practiced teaching quit a lot.  It’s fun!
Our room is smaller than all the others.  It used to be a hall but they put a wood wall in to make a room, it’s at the top of our building.
Being here is like being at Hogwarts only instead of changing; everything looks exactly the same.  It takes a week to get it down.
We’ve mistaken our building twice in one day.  First we couldn’t open the door.  The second someone opened it for us and we walked to the top.  I noticed the carpet was different, but it was that we were in the wrong building.
At lunch one day I lost my card we came all the way back to the residence and I found it in my pocket.
In my District there are two triodes, 3 sisters and 3 elders, the elders help us practice. They gave us a terrible ordeal of roommates, tow atheist and a man on the down swing.  We got an appointment though and turned on around.
Its hard for me not to explain the details to investigators, I get so excited about it! So I am working on that.
Our District started “wife points” for chivalry acts.  It’s funny but, hay its great way to show respect and do missionary work.

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